Super Green Cucumber, Spinach & Ginger Smoothie

Sipping a smoothie is one of the simplest ways to get your fruits and veggies. And this vivid green version is a tasty and totally refreshing way to enjoy them … anytime. Perfect for an afternoon snack, before a workout, or even as an after dinner mocktail!
Super Green Cucumber, Spinach & Ginger Smoothie pinit

About This Cucumber, Spinach & Ginger Smoothie Recipe

One of the most important things you can do to promote good health is eat plants. Yes, like vegetables and fruits. Chewing them is awesome, of course, But whirling them up in a blender and serving them as a smoothie counts, too. Plus, it’s simple!

Whether you’re a vegetable liker or a lover, you’ll adore them in this green smoothie since they’re married with fruit. More specifically English cucumber and baby spinach is sweetened up by mango and apple. As a bonus, you’ll get a hint of mint from unsweetened peppermint tea (you’ll want to make a cup of it in advance), a little zing from apple cider vinegar, and plenty of zip from fresh ginger root. All pureed together in a blender, the ingredients transform into two glasses of joy.

It’s not just the flavor that will wow you; the health benefits will, too. It’s loaded with vitamin C and other plant-based compounds that are good for your heart and can protect your cells, while potentially offering anti-inflammatory properties.

Serve it whenever you want a cool glass of goodness – all year long!

Super Green Cucumber, Spinach & Ginger Smoothie

What You Need for This Cucumber, Spinach & Ginger Smoothie Recipe

Super Green Cucumber, Spinach & Ginger Smoothie Ingredients

Ingredient Notes

English cucumber – An English cucumber works well here since the skin isn’t tough and the seeds are highly edible. It’s an excellent source of bone-friendly vitamin K, too.
Frozen mango – Packed with vitamin C, mango provides sweetness here instead of added sugar. Using it frozen is kind of like using ice cubes, but it won’t water down your smoothie.
Baby spinach – Not only will baby spinach provide most of the greenness in this smoothie, it’s a “superfood” that offers significant antioxidants. Going organic will curb your exposure to synthetic pesticides.
Peppermint tea – Rather than adding water to get to a drinkable consistency, using chilled unsweetened peppermint tea provides the liquid you need in an aromatic way.
Apple – Go ahead and use any color apple … I actually used a red apple in this smoothie and it’s still green! Whichever crunchy apple you pick, it’s an awesome source of fiber that’ll help you feel full – and give this smoothie body. Scrub it well before prep. And like spinach, going organic will curb your exposure to synthetic pesticides
Apple cider vinegar – Look for an unfiltered apple cider vinegar that contains the “mother,” which may offer good bacteria for a healthful gut … and more! Plus, it can help balance the slight bitterness of green veggies.
Ginger root – It provides lots of zippiness. It also may be helpful for a healthy mouth due it bioactive compounds called gingerols.

Super Green Cucumber, Spinach & Ginger Smoothie

Ingredient Substitutions

English cucumber – While English cucumber — with its thin skin and tasty seeds — is ideal, you can make this smoothie with any type of cucumber you wish.
Frozen mango – Since mango is chosen here mainly for its sweetness, other sweet fruits, like frozen peaches, pineapple, or cantaloupe, will work well, too.
Baby spinach – Baby kale is a high-flavored swap for spinach … if you’re big on greens.
Peppermint tea – Don’t have peppermint tea bags on hand? Use 3/4 cup (170ml) cold water plus a small handful of fresh mint leaves instead. Try other teas, too – think jasmine green tea or lemon ginger herbal tea.
Apple – You can whirl this up with other hand-held fruits, such as a pear, nectarine, or peach. Go ahead and pick what’s on sale and in season.
Apple cider vinegar – Fresh lemon or lime juice is a delightful replacement.
Ginger root – While it won’t be as distinctively zippy, you can try 1/8 teaspoon ground ginger instead of the 1 1/2 teaspoons fresh ginger root.


Can I make this in advance?

Yep! Blend it, pour it in jars, seal, and stash in your fridge for up to 3 days.

What can I add to make this a protein smoothie?

Ideally, try a whole-food source of protein, rather than a protein powder, so you’ll get extra nutritional benefits. Top plant-based picks: no-salt-added chickpeas or white beans, shelled hemp seeds (hemp hearts), or organic silken tofu or edamame.

Super Green Cucumber, Spinach & Ginger Smoothie

Difficulty: Beginner Prep Time 10 min Total Time 10 mins


Featuring English cucumber, baby spinach, mango, and apple, this super green smoothie offers one of the tastiest ways to get veggies and fruits all at once. You’ll love its bonus flavor boost thanks to a lively trio of unsweetened peppermint tea, apple cider vinegar, and fresh ginger root. Just toss all of these ingredients together in a blender, whirl, and slurp!

Yield: 2 smoothies (about 10 ounces/290ml each)


How To Make Cucumber, Spinach & Ginger Smoothie Step By Step

  1. Add all ingredients in any order to a blender.

    Super Green Cucumber, Spinach & Ginger Smoothie Steps
  2. Cover and puree on high speed until velvety smooth, at least 1 minute.

    Super Green Cucumber, Spinach & Ginger Smoothie Steps
  3. Pour into two jars, tall glasses, or reusable water bottles and enjoy.

    Super Green Cucumber, Spinach & Ginger Smoothie Steps


• This smoothie slightly thickens as it stands. But if you prefer extra-thick smoothies, start with 1/2 cup instead of 3/4 cup tea, and add more by the teaspoon as desired.
• By using jars or reusable water bottles, you can easily store this in the fridge and then take one with you when on-the-go or headed to work.

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