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14 Sautéed Okra Recipes That Will Delight Your Taste Buds

Okra, also called ladies’ finger, is a flowering plant belonging to the mallow family. Its mild flavor is comparable to that of the eggplant. It is crunchy when raw but becomes firm yet tender when sautéed to perfection.

So if you want to enjoy this low-calorie yet nutrient-dense veggie that offers impressive health benefits, try these 14 super-delish sautéed okra recipes.

#1. Caribbean-Style Sautéed Okra

This recipe adds a West Indian twist to a traditional Northern Indian okra dish. Sautéing tomatoes and okra with Scotch bonnet Chile, unsweetened coconut flakes, lime juice, and cilantro does the trick. This produces slightly crisp okra that complements softened tomatoes, elevating the recipe’s flavor profile and texture to appeal to all palates. Now, that is sure to spruce up your dinner menu!

#2. Easy Oil-Free Sautéed Okra

Did you know you can sauté okra without oil? This concept may be somewhat novel to you, but boy, does it produce extraordinary results! The preparation keeps the okra firm yet tender, making it the perfect side to pair with fresh tomatoes and aromatic herbs. Even better, you can combine it with whole-wheat spaghetti for a completely plant-based meal.

#3. Fresh Sautéed Okra and Egg

This recipe calls for sauteing okra with fragrant and flavorful ginger and pepper, then adding it to tender, perfectly cooked eggs and seasoning the mix with salt, sesame oil, and soy sauce for a balanced meal. Do you enjoy a more substantial lunch or dinner? Consider serving the side dish over a bed of rice. That should do the trick.

#4. Garlic Sautéed Okra

This recipe highlights why sautéing, and not stir-frying or deep frying, yields the perfect okra dish. It uses just five ingredients to produce a dish chock full of flavor and super crunchy. Serve it with a spritz of lemon juice for tang, some chili flakes for added heat, or chopped mint for added sweetness—explore your options.

#5. Sautéed Okra with Garlic

Easy, healthy, and flavorful, this 4-step sautéed okra with garlic recipe is practically the stuff of dreams. And it comes together in under 30 minutes, making it the perfect set-up for a weeknight meal. To make, simply sauté okra with garlic, then add simple seasonings and lime zest and cook until fragrant. Serve it with lime wedges and cilantro.

#6. Sautéed Okra

This okra recipe comes together fairly easily without compromising flavor! It’s safe to say that it will quickly become your go-to meal. Simply sauté okra in olive oil until it caramelizes, then top it off with flavorful minced garlic and herbs. Serve it with chicken-based mains or pork chops for an ultra-satisfying meal that’ll put you right in your feels.

#7. Indian Okra Sauté with Red Onion (No Slime)

When not cooked properly, okra can turn slimy and unappetizing. You want to use this recipe as your compass to prevent this. It calls for sautéing okra with spices and seasonings until it’s caramelized but retains an excellent level of crunch. This results in mild-flavored okra, which complements practically every Western main course. Pretty versatile, wouldn’t you agree?

#8. Quick Okra, Corn, and Tomato Sauté

This okra recipe is the perfect dish to serve at festive events, potlucks, and family feasts since it looks as wonderful as it tastes. It calls for sauteing okra and corn with slightly tender onion and fragrant garlic, then mixing some juicy tomatoes and seasonings for added flavor and texture. Serve it sprinkled with basil or parsley for added pizzazz.

#9. Sautéed Okra and Tomatoes

This simple recipe comes together in just 15 minutes! That sealed the deal for us. You can make this by sauteing cherry tomatoes, garlic, okra, and sweet onion until tender, then finishing them with a bit of butter to enhance the recipe’s flavor. For a well-balanced supper, serve this excellent side dish alongside Southern-style entrees and filling mains.

#10. Sautéed Okra Collards and Carrots

Don’t like collards? This recipe is sure to sway your opinion on the humble veggie. To prepare, sauté okra, carrots, and garlic in the same pan as the sliced collard greens until the collard wilts and the garlic softens. When serving, drizzle some olive oil over it, top with sea salt, and savor!

#11. Sautéed Okra Curry

Yes, you can enjoy sautéed okra in curry form, too! Pretty amazing, right? You can make it with mild-flavored okra, onion, and juicy and fleshy tomatoes, all flavored with earthy cumin seeds, fiery hot red chilies, and vibrant turmeric. Serve it over a bed of rice or flatbread to sop up all the delicious flavors, and enjoy.

#12. Sauteed Okra with Fresh Tomatoes and Onion

Bored of dry sautéed okra? Then, you must try this fresh and flavorsome okra recipe. It uses simple kitchen ingredients, including white onion, ripe tomatoes, white wine vinegar, olive oil, and seasonings. And best of all, it comes together in just 30 minutes to make cooking on busy weeknights a breeze!

#13. Sautéed Shrimp and Okra

This recipe combines two classic ingredients: shrimp and okra to produce a dish that will wow your guests. To make, cook okra until it begins to brown, then add shrimp, garlic, chili pepper, ginger, and onion. Add salt and pepper. Add tomato and herbs to finish it off, then continue cooking until the shrimp is ready to serve.

#14. Southern Sautéed Okra

Okra has a bad rep, which makes people with discerning palates wary of trying the many variations it promises. But that’ll change once you try this recipe. It has wonderful flavors and textures, which shine even more when you add onions and cherry tomatoes to the mix. Serve this side with your favorite mains for a top-tier culinary experience, and enjoy!

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