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Spruce Up Your Culinary Repertoire: 22 Savoy Cabbage Recipes

Savoy cabbage, a crinkly, green-leafed vegetable has a mild and sweet flavor that is less peppery than your regular red or green cabbage. Savoy cabbage also has looser and more ruffly leaves. It’s a wonderful ingredient to include in a variety of dishes, from soups to casseroles, and can even be pickled and fermented to make delicious sauerkraut.

So, if you have a head of savoy cabbage in your refrigerator, it’s time to broaden your culinary horizons with these incredible savoy cabbage recipes.

#1. Baked Vegan Cabbage Rolls (Gołąbki)

These stuffed cabbage rolls are so divine, they make eating veggies fun. The rolls are filled with mushrooms, which offer a powerful punch of flavor to the bland rice, along with herbs, walnuts for texture, and the umami-flavored soy sauce and balsamic vinegar. After stuffing the rolls, layer them on a bed of thinned tomato sauce for a delicious meal.

#2. Braised Savoy Cabbage with Bacon and Mushrooms

This braised savoy cabbage recipe, made with delectable bacon and mushrooms, is sure to be a hit at family dinners and potlucks alike. To add freshness and aroma to the recipe, add herbs like parsley and dill, and then serve as a side or as a main with mashed potatoes for a hearty dish.

#3. Chicken and Savoy Cabbage Stir-Fry

This delicious stir-fry recipe is made with chicken breasts, savoy cabbage, carrots, red onions, and garlic and is served with a yummy homemade wok sauce made with soy sauce, ginger, garlic, ground lemongrass, mirin, brown sugar, sambal, and chili flakes. And it’s ready in just 30 minutes! How’s that for a quick and flavorsome weeknight meal?

#4. Crispy Oven-Roasted Cabbage Wedges

Elevate the rich, nutty taste of savoy cabbage even more by cooking it with walnuts, parmesan, and a hint of balsamic vinegar. Top with some more parmesan and drizzle with more saba, balsamic vinegar, or lemon for a flavor boost that will have both kids and adults reaching for seconds.

#5. Easy Sauteed Savoy Cabbage

This delicious sautéed savoy cabbage dish is destined to elevate your vegan menu. It’s a nutritious, melt-in-your-mouth, naturally gluten-free dish. Make it with minced garlic, olive oil, and just a few seasonings to produce a dish so delicious you’d want to go back for seconds. It comes together in no time and goes wonderfully with almost any plant-based main dish!

#6. Franconian Savoy Cabbage

Turn fresh savoy cabbage into this creamy, delicious dish in just 30 minutes! This savoy cabbage recipe uses onion, broth, cream, baking soda, nutmeg, and some clarified butter to create a nice, creamy meal that will have you craving more. Serve it with sausages and some boiled potatoes to round up the meal.

#7. Grilled-Cabbage Caesar Salad

This recipe is a playful twist on the classic Caesar salad; it replaces romaine with fire-roasted cabbage to create something twice as delicious. The flame-kissed savoy cabbage is topped with a fruity vinaigrette and garlicky breadcrumbs for the perfect crunchy yet tender dish. Serve topped with more panko and pecorino for added oomph.

#8. Ham & Swiss Reubens with Savoy Cabbage & Green Onion Dressing

These sandwiches are a work of culinary art. They’re quick and easy to make and pack a powerful punch of flavor and texture. To make, layer cheese, ham, and a cheese and cabbage mixture on one slice of bread, then smear some green onion dressing on another slice, griddle them together, and cook until the cheese melts. Serve hot and enjoy!

#9. Hungarian Savoy Cabbage Soup

This lovely hearty soup uses smoked and sweet Hungarian paprika and a little garlic to add flavor and aroma, plant milk and a little flour to maintain the consistency, as well as plenty of vegetables to keep it nutritious. Top it with sour cream and sausage slices, then serve with warm bread to mop up all the delicious goodness.

#10. Keto Cabbage Wrapped Chicken Enchiladas

Add these veggie-packed delights to your keto meal plan. Combine pulled chicken, cheese, and a sauce made using canned tomato sauce and Mexican seasonings. Then, top it off with more sauce and cheese and baked until the cheese melts. This is a great low-carb dinner that everyone will love!

#11. Lemon Caper Savoy Cabbage Salad (Vegan)

Salads don’t have to be boring, and this delectable Lemon Caper Savoy Cabbage Salad will prove just that. It’s crunchy with a citrusy kick from lemon zest that combines wonderfully with the briny bite of capers and onions. Use your favorite vegan toppings to enhance the flavor and serve it with a creamy pasta dish or sandwiches.

#12. Mince Stuffed Vegan Cabbage Rolls

This minced stuffed cabbage rolls recipe is a sure-fire crowd-pleaser. To make, replace the pasta sheets with boiled savoy cabbage leaves, then stuff them with a simple but flavorful soy mince ragu made with textured vegetable protein. Serve it warm as a main course with your favorite vegan sides for a filling meal.

#13. Palestinian-Style Stuffed Savoy Cabbage Rolls – Malfuf Mahshi

Here’s a perfect dish to keep you warm on chilly winter evenings. This culinary delight of the east old world is prepared by winding blanched cabbage leaves around a ground meat mixture that is bursting with Mediterranean flavors. Serve it with a dollop of yogurt or sour cream or with rice pilaf or mashed potatoes for a hearty, healthy meal.

#14. Potato and Savoy Cabbage Soup

The classic combo of potatoes and cabbage really shines in this soup recipe. This wholesome soup is made with seasonal ingredients to produce a dish that will flawlessly integrate into your weeknight meal plan. To make it more flavorsome, drizzle it with olive oil and season it with black pepper followed by grated pecorino cheese for a creamy, mouthwatering delight.

#15. Sauteed Savoy Cabbage with Bacon

If you have fussy eaters at home, you know how difficult it is to prepare a meal that everyone will enjoy. But this recipe, which includes both cabbage and bacon, is so wonderful that it will quickly become a household favorite. Serve it with boiled potatoes as a main course or as a side dish paired with roasted pork!

#16. Savoy Cabbage & Chicken Soup

Packed with vegetables and lean chicken, this soup will help you meet your nutritional goals without compromising on flavor. It’s the perfect comfort food to have for lunch or a light dinner on extra chilly days. It’s super healthy, rich in protein, and smells divine! To serve, garnish with fresh dill and a dollop of sour cream.

#17. Savoy Cabbage Rolls

Here’s another cabbage roll recipe that pairs fresh savoy cabbage with perfectly seasoned and spiced potatoes, couscous, and kale. Drizzle the stuffed rolls with a tomato-based sauce and bake until the sauce is reduced. Finally, top them with pine nuts and parsley and serve with extra sauce on the side — it’s a meal so delicious that even cabbage-shy people will love it!

#18. Savoy Cabbage Soup

This nourishing savoy cabbage soup is low in calories and high in nutrients. It’s also a great fit for gluten-free and keto-friendly diets. It’s loaded with vegetables, aromatics, herbs, and seasonings, all of which are cooked together on low heat until the desired texture is achieved, then topped with a teaspoon of sour cream before serving for some added flavor.

#19. Savoy Cabbage with Orange Sauce

This recipe is super delicious, and it comes together in no time. To make, simply steam the savoy cabbage in a greased pan or shallow pot, add curry powder, mix a flour-milk sauce, add orange juice, and fold in the cream. To make the cabbage and sauce more appealing, sprinkle browned almond flakes on top.

#20. Slow-Cooker Corned Beef and Cabbage

If you’re looking for a recipe that cooks into delicious goodness without your constant supervision, this slow-cooker corned beef and cabbage recipe is just what you want. Slice the corned beef against the grain once cooked, and serve with vegetables and the cooking liquid. Add some grainy mustard for a finger-lickin’ good meal.

#21. Tarragon Chicken With Savoy Cabbage Parcels and Potato Galette

In this recipe, several simple ingredients come together to create an incredible meal. Pan-fried and baked chicken legs are paired beautifully with a potato galette. The dish is further complemented with savoy cabbage parcels made by spooning a mix of cooked sausage meat and carrots in cabbage leaves and rolling them up. Topped with a sauce made with chicken stock and cream, this mouthwatering meal is hard to say no to!

#22. Vegan Asian Cabbage Wraps

Low-calorie savoy cabbage replaces buns or bread in this gluten-free cabbage wrap recipe. The filling is made with fresh corn kernels, carrots, zucchini, and tofu seasoned with hoisin sauce, garlic powder, and salt. Place it on fresh savoy cabbage leaves to make a wonderful dish that can be served as a side or main dish.

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