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11 Simple Ground Turkey Recipes to Try This Month

Ground turkey is a powerhouse protein and is often cast aside in favor of ground beef or chicken. Ground turkey, however, is super lean and is high in protein, plus it has a neutral flavor that can be used in a variety of simple and easy recipes. When you’re looking for an easy, speedy and nutritious meal, reach for the turkey, it’s not just for holidays!

Many people choose to just substitute turkey into ground beef or lamb recipes but in this list, you’ll find an array of quick and easy meals that use ground turkey and are great for family meals or quick bites. From lightened-up versions of comfort food to breakfast options and soups, these simple ground turkey recipes only have a few ingredients and are on the table in under 40 minutes!

1. Ground Turkey Enchiladas

Loaded with black beans and sweet potatoes, this ground turkey enchilada recipe is quick and simple yet high in protein and low in calories. They are easy to make, contain just 10 everyday ingredients and are ready in less than an hour! They are wonderful on their own or served with your favorite salsa and sour cream and plenty of fresh cilantro.

2. Easy Ground Turkey Stir Fry

Stir fries are one of the simplest meals around! They contain everything you need in a meal cooked in one pan and are ready in minutes. This recipe has dinner on the table in 20 minutes, and uses only ground turkey, fresh broccoli and a simple stir fry sauce. Serve on rice or noodles to complete.

3. One Skillet Ground Turkey Thai Curry with Rice

This beautifully creamy Thai curry recipe cooks turkey, coconut milk, rice and spices all together in one pot. Not only is it a family favorite, but there is minimal washing up and it reheats really well so it’s a great one to keep on hand for a weekly meal prep option. Sub out the white rice for brown to up the nutrition if you have a little extra time available.

4. Ground Turkey and Cauliflower Casserole

A yummy, filling dinner that is as easy as throwing a bunch of ingredients into a casserole dish and smothering it with cheese. Incorporating cauliflower rice, cheese, ground turkey and seasonings, this casserole will please the whole family and keeps well in the fridge for leftover lunches. Plus, it’s freezer-friendly so you can make a double batch and freeze in ziplock bags.

5. Ground Turkey Taco Soup

Soup is one of the simplest meals to make and is very forgiving for even the most unconfident chefs. This one uses turkey and beans and seasons it to perfection and serves it with sour cream and cheese on top. The hardest part of this one is browning the meat, then you just let everything simmer away until done. With a whole lot of taco flavor, this is even better reheated the next day!

6. Greek Meatballs

These delicious little morsels are also known as keftedes and this version serves them up alongside a zesty lemon orzo. The creamy feta sauce takes the humble meatball to the next level. They’re also the perfect lunch option on their own served with a bit of tzatziki or marinara sauce in toasted warm pita bread. The final dish looks and tastes amazing but you’ll be surprised how easy it is – the meatballs, vegetables and the orzo are all cooked in the same pan.

7. Easy Baked Gnocchi

Gnocchi are pillowy-soft potato dumplings, and they are an amazing option to serve with ground turkey. They’re quick to cook, so all you have to do is mix through the meat, marinara sauce and sprinkle with cheese. A one skillet dinner that’s a little different than the usual pasta bake, this easy baked gnocchi recipe will soon find a well-deserved place on your regular meal plan.

8. Turkey Shepherd’s Pie

Shepherd’s pie is a firm family favorite in most homes, and this recipe takes all that comforting goodness and uses ground turkey to whip up a quick, hearty meal. Most of the ingredients are ones you’ll already have on hand and the steps to this pie are so simple you’ll have dinner on the table in under 40 minutes with very little hand-ons prep time! Throw in a tin of lentils at the same time at the turkey to boost the nutrition even further.

9. Asian Turkey Lettuce Wraps

A super speedy recipe for juicy, seasoned turkey and fresh vegetables all wrapped up in a lettuce leaf? Yes, please! These tasty morsels are a great lunch or appetizer option that are ready in 15 minutes and are not only low-carb and high protein but they are super delicious. The unique crunch comes from water chestnuts, which are readily available in tins, so definitely don’t skip them!

10. Turkey Bolognese and Spaghetti Squash

This recipe is a traditional bolognese with a nutritious twist. The turkey meat sauce is served on spaghetti squash, a low carb and low calories option that adds another dimension to this dish. The long strands of squash perfectly hold onto the turkey meat and vegetables, just like spaghetti but lighter!

11. One Pan Egg and Turkey Skillet

This simple skillet recipe is the perfect one pan breakfast for busy mornings and casual brunches. Even better, it makes a fabulous simple lunch or dinner on days you can’t be bothered cooking! It’s only three ingredients – turkey, salsa, eggs and a little bit of salt and pepper – so this one is sure to keep everyone happy!

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