things to do when it rains

Drops of Delight: 50 Inspirational Things to Do When It Rains

Rain might often bring a sense of gloom for many, casting shadows on outdoor plans. Yet, when one door closes, countless windows of opportunity open up. This guide will unveil a plethora of unique “things to do when it rains”, ensuring those drizzly days are spent productively and joyfully.

Indoor Activities


1. Podcast and Audiobook Session

Instead of reading, explore new or favorite podcasts and audiobooks. With the rain as a backdrop, it’s a cozy way to learn or be entertained.

2. Movies and TV Shows Marathon

Rain provides the perfect ambiance for a film marathon. Dive into classics like “Singing in the Rain” or binge-watch a series you’ve been putting off.

3. Cooking and Baking

Harness the cozy feel of rainy days by preparing a comforting dish or dessert. How about trying a new soup recipe or baking some cinnamon rolls?

4. Board Games and Puzzles

Revisit childhood by pulling out classic board games or assembling a jigsaw puzzle. The sound of rain mixed with laughter and friendly competition is truly unmatched.

5. Crafting and DIY Projects

From DIY crafts to starting a painting, rainy days can be a burst of artistic inspiration. Begin a knitting project or create a scrapbook of cherished memories.

6. Music and Dance

Whether it’s playing an instrument or simply listening, music and rain are a match made in heaven. Explore a rainy day playlist or write your own rain-inspired song.

7. Home Spa and Relaxation

Give yourself some TLC. Light some candles, draw a bath, and indulge in relaxation rituals.

8. Journaling and Writing

Pen down your thoughts, write short stories, or begin drafting a novel.

9. Learning and Education

Pick up a new online course, watch informative webinars, or dive into educational videos.

10. Physical Activity

From indoor yoga to simple home workouts, keep your body active and healthy.

Outdoor Activities (For Those Who Love the Rain)


11. Nature Walks

Experience the magic of nature during rain. Adorn your raincoat and boots, and wander around, witnessing the vibrant life that thrives in wet conditions.

12. Photography

Rainy landscapes offer unparalleled beauty for photography enthusiasts. Capture glistening leaves, dancing raindrops, or moody skies.

13. Jumping in Puddles

Embrace your inner child by splashing in puddles. It’s therapeutic, fun, and a throwback to carefree times.

14. Gardening

Many plants revel in the rain. Get your hands dirty, plant some seeds, and watch your garden flourish.

15. Mud Play

Build a mud castle, make mud pies, or simply enjoy the tactile experience.

16. Rain Art

Use raindrops to create patterns on paper with watercolors or washable paint.

17. Camping

If you’re adventurous, camping in the rain provides a unique and calming experience.

18. Cycling

Don a raincoat and explore your neighborhood on a bike.

19. Rainy Picnics

Pack a waterproof blanket, some snacks, and enjoy a picnic amidst gentle raindrops.

20. Bird Watching

After a shower, many birds come out to play and hunt. It’s a prime time for bird-watching.

21. Running or Jogging

Experience the refreshing sensation of running under a light drizzle.

22. Fishing

Some say fishing can be best during or just after the rain.

23. Hiking

While safety is paramount, a rainy hike can offer unique perspectives and experiences of trails.

24. Visit Waterfalls

Rain often rejuvenates waterfalls, making them more magnificent and voluminous.

25. Boating or Canoeing

Paddle on serene water bodies under a gentle drizzle for a peaceful experience.

Productive Activities

Home Cleaning

26. Home Cleaning and Organizing

Transform your space by decluttering and organizing. Tackle that closet or drawer you’ve been avoiding.

27. Planning and Goal Setting

Reflect, set targets, and map out your future endeavors, using the calming backdrop of rain.

28. Learning

Delve into an online course, webinar, or podcast. Rainy days can be perfect for personal growth and education.

29. Writing

Pour out your thoughts onto paper. Whether it’s journaling or penning a story, let the rain be your muse.

30. DIY Repairs

Address minor home repairs or improvements, like fixing a leaky faucet or painting a room.

31. Budgeting and Finances

Review your financial goals, check your expenses, or learn about investment opportunities.

32. Cooking in Bulk

Prepare and freeze meals for the upcoming week or try your hand at canning or preserving.

33. Digital Cleanup

Organize digital files, delete old emails, back up important data, or clean up your social media profiles.

34. Artistic Endeavors

Sketch, paint, craft, or engage in any other artistic activity that you’ve been putting off.

35. Skill Development

Focus on developing a new professional skill. This could be a software tool relevant to your work, a new language, or any skill that enhances your professional abilities.

36. Exercise Routine

Design a new home workout routine or explore online fitness challenges.

37. Reading

Catch up on industry news, research, or any professional reading you’ve postponed.

38. Networking

Reach out to colleagues or peers, update your LinkedIn profile, or attend virtual industry webinars.

39. Hobbies

Dedicate time to a hobby, whether it’s building models, sewing, or even learning a new musical instrument.

40. Mindfulness and Well-Being

Practice meditation, deep breathing exercises, or simply engage in reflective thinking.

Social and Relaxation


41. Virtual Hangouts

Set up a virtual coffee or tea date with friends or family you haven’t caught up with in a while.

42. Storytelling Session

Gather your family, especially the kids, and indulge in an old-fashioned storytelling session, swapping tales and experiences.

43. Listen to Ambient Sounds

Besides the rain, explore other calming ambient sounds like ocean waves, forest sounds, or cityscapes to relax.

44. Guided Imagery

Lay down, close your eyes, and listen to guided imagery sessions that transport you to serene locations.

45. DIY Mocktail Evening

Experiment with different non-alcoholic drink recipes and enjoy a refreshing evening.

46. Candlelit Dinner

Even if it’s just a regular meal, lighting some candles can turn it into a special and intimate dinner.

47. Indoor Camping

Set up a tent or make a blanket fort in your living room. Combine it with some relaxing music and storytelling for a complete experience.

48. Play Pretend Restaurants

With children or even as a fun date idea, play pretend restaurant where you order, cook, and serve dishes.

49. Online Games with Friends

Play social online games or apps that allow you to connect with friends and meet new people.

50. Window Gazing

Simply sit by the window with a warm beverage, watch the raindrops race, and let your thoughts wander.


Rainy days needn’t dampen spirits. Embrace the drizzles and downpours, realizing the wealth of experiences they bring. From introspection to active pursuits, there are myriad things to do when it rains. All it takes is a splash of creativity and a dash of enthusiasm.

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