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13 Tilefish Recipes That Are Guaranteed To Be A Success

Tilefish is a perciform marine fish from the family Malacanthidae and is a largely tropical fish. It has a firm, flaky texture and pinkish-white meat with a mild yet distinctive flavor similar to crustaceans like lobster and crabs. It’s a lean fish that comes in various types, with some types of tilefish larger than others.

Tilefish holds together exceptionally well in different cooking methods but shines best when baked or roasted with butter and spices. So, if you managed to find it at your supermarket, try any of these tilefish recipes to create incredibly delicious seafood meals.

#1. Blueline Tilefish with Tarragon Beurre Blanc

Tilefish has a sweet, delicate flavor, so you have to be cautious about the ingredients you add to it. In this recipe, mild-flavored tilefish is flavored with rich butter, tart lemon juice, juicy yet firm cherry tomatoes, and the lemony and salty flavor of capers to produce a scrumptious dish. Serve it with rice, pasta, or salad for a complete meal.

#2. Buttery Tilefish

This recipe combines wonderfully-seasoned moist tilefish filets with savory butter, then gives it a burst of freshness from lemon zest and juice and the savory taste from chives. This delicate and delicious dish is divine on its own, but you can also pair it with a bowl of polenta, a green salad, or sauteed veggies.

#3. Citrus Grilled Golden Tilefish with Coconut Lime Compound Butter

In this recipe, lemon slices serve as a bed when grilling your white fish, keeping the fish moist and infusing it with rich, citrusy flavors. Combine this with the compound butter slathered on the fish, and you have nothing short of a masterpiece. Serve with a citrus-infused coleslaw for a refreshing zing in every bite.

#4. Crispy Tilefish with Ponzu Butter

Tilefish is known for being delicate, so you already know it’ll crisp well. And this recipe helps highlight the fish’s flakiness by seasoning the flesh side of the fillets with salt and cooking it in a large skillet until opaque and flaky. It is then topped with the mild, earthy, lightly-browned enoki mushrooms for a gourmet meal. Elevate the meal even more by serving the fish and mushrooms with a rich, tart yuzu ponzu-butter sauce.

#5. Golden Tilefish Gefilte Fish with Preserved Lemon and Beet Chrain

Try something new with this gefilte recipe. To make the gefilte, you’ll be combining tilefish chunks with stock-soaked breadcrumbs, cooked and cooled onions, egg yolks, seasonings, and herbs like chervil and tarragon. Form gefilte fish balls and cook them in fish stock and refrigerate them to cook. Served with a sprinkle of lemon juice alongside vibrant beet chrain, this striking first course will leave your guests awestruck!

#6. Golden Tilefish with Pesto-Pecan Crust

Tilefish browns beautifully, but if you’re looking to uplift your dish a little, then you might need to level up your prep. This recipe involves seasoning the fish, then topping it with a pesto-pecan crust made of basil, garlic, pecan meal, lemon juice and zest, nutritional yeast/parmesan, olive oil, parsley, pepper flakes, and salt to produce a stunning crowd-pleaser.

#7. Grey Tilefish

This recipe is made in one pan, which not only cuts down cooking time but also ensures that the wonderful flavors of different ingredients meld together beautifully. It calls for dredging tilefish in flour and seasonings and cooking it through, then spooning over a sauce made of butter, lemon slices, and lemon juice. Serve topped with caramelized lemon slices for a tangy finishing touch, and enjoy!

#8. Oven Roasted Golden Tilefish

This recipe follows the standard cooking preparation to deliver firm yet flaky tilefish. The fish fillet is drizzled in olive oil and some sea salt and ground pepper, and then oven-roasted until it’s firm to the touch. You can enjoy it on its own topped with butter and alongside lemon slices, but it will taste even better with a side of grape tomatoes and onion with fennel.

#9. Pan-Seared Golden Tilefish with Lemon Herb Confetti Rice

Tilefish is wonderful on its own but this recipe transforms it into a filling, hearty meal. Cook well-seasoned filets in butter and oil with garlic and lemon rind, then serve them on top of lemon rice with veggies. Finish it off with a drizzle of lemon-herb vinaigrette to add freshness and flavor to the dish.

#10. Pan-Seared Tilefish with Garlic, Herbs and Lemon

Light and luscious, this pan-seared tilefish recipe is a quick weeknight meal to put on the dinner table. The fish filets are seasoned simply with salt and pepper, and then cooked in butter with green garlic/scallions and herbs with a pinch of salt to create layers of flavor. Serve topped with lemon juice for a hint of tang.

#11. Roasted Tilefish Over Potatoes

Roasting tilefish is a wonderful way to enjoy a crispy yet tender seafood meal. To make, layer potatoes, garlic, and chopped olives in a baking dish, then cover it with foil and bake until the edges are golden. Top with roasted buttery tilefish to enjoy a dish that’s both delicious and filling.

#12. Thai Curry with Rice and Golden Tilefish

Made with warming spices and aromatic herbs, this dish is packed with wonderful flavors. The Thai curry is made by simmering chili peppers, garlic, ginger, onions, and red pepper with flavorings like brown sugar, fish sauce, green curry, lemongrass paste, lime juice, vinegar, and herbs. Once it starts boiling, tilefish is added to the curry to cook. Serve with warm rice for a comforting dish.

#13. Tilefish with White Wine and Shallots

In this recipe, tilefish filets are added to a pan with sliced shallots, then flavored with butter, white wine, and a pinch of salt and cooked to perfection. The well-browned fish filets are then glazed with honey and served over rice or pasta with shallots and a spoonful of wine-butter sauce for a rich, decadent meal.

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