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10 Out Of The World Delicious Veal Cutlets Recipes

Veal cutlets are super versatile, nutritious, and packed with flavors. There are many no-fuss recipes for both thin and thick veals that are super easy to make with common kitchen ingredients. It takes a few tries to master the art of cooking with veal, but the effort is always rewarded with insanely delicious meals. 

Try out some of these veal cutlets recipes to see what the hype is all about.

1. Classic Breaded Veal Cutlets

This breaded veal cutlet recipe is an authentic Italian classic. You’ll have delicious cutlets with perfectly brown skin, gorgeously crispy coating, and tender meat inside in simple steps. Grab some flour, salt, eggs, and bread crumbs from your pantry and lemon wedges for garnishing. Pair it up with some fresh salad with leafy greens or a simple arugula salad, then enjoy. Or you can serve it with roasted fennel with tomatoes to make your meal traditional Italian.

2. Veal Cutlets with White Wine, Tomatoes, Olives & Capers

Cold winter nights call for warm and hearty meals to fill you up. This recipe combines the rich flavors of veal, white wine, cherry tomatoes, bay leaves, kalamata olives, and capers in one tray. Make sure to serve this hot roast with soft polenta to make this Italian-style baked meal genuinely authentic. This delicious recipe is sure to leave you with a satisfied grin and a full stomach.

3. Veal Cutlets with Lemon Beans

This delicious recipe only requires a handful of ingredients to transform itself into a mouthwatering dish. The veal is first seasoned with salt and pepper, cooked, and then paired with lemon beans that have been mixed with lemon juice, zest, garlic, sugar, and oil. The result? An affair of tangy flavors with succulent meat on one plate prepared within 20 minutes.

4. Breaded Veal Cutlets with Parmesan Cream

Fancy name, but simple and easy to make; this recipe is the answer to all your cooking problems. This recipe incorporates all the goodness of the parmesan cream sauce with delicious, crispy-on-the-outside prosciutto topped over warm breaded veal cutlets served with a squeeze of fresh lemon juice. Plate it with roasted potatoes and salad on the side. If you’re looking for healthier options, you can also pair it with grilled vegetables.

5. Vienna-Style Veal Cutlet/Wiener Schnitzel

This Vienna-style veal cutlet or wiener schnitzel is crispy on the outside and juicy and succulent on the inside. This traditional recipe requires marinating the veal in lemon juice and salt to bring out the freshness and flavor of the veal. Shallow fry the meat in vegetable shortening until golden brown. Plate it with some lemon wedges and a side of cucumber salad and fries.

6. Neil Perry’s Barbecued Veal Cutlets with Tomato and Sage Burnt Butter

Looking for ideas to make your weekend exciting? Make this finger-licking recipe of barbecued veal cutlets. You can start with grilling your veal. Then cook sage leaves in butter until crispy. Add in tomato, capers, and then anchovy and olives for an extra kick. Cook until it gets a nice brown, nutty color. The aroma alone will drag everyone to the kitchen, ready to devour the veal plated with potato puree and salad.

7. Veal Cutlet with Pumpkin, Cabbage, and Sage

This recipe should be memorized and stored in your mind forever because it is that good. Insanely delicious, super easy, and pleasantly aesthetic, this veal cutlet recipe checks all the boxes for gourmet and foodies alike. The veal is paired with three different cabbages, sage leaves and thyme, pumpkin and potato mash, and white truffle that gives you a fantastic balance of flavor and textures united on one plate.

8. Balsamic-Glazed Veal Cutlets

An exciting take on veal cutlets, this recipe is as good as it gets. Cooked in oil and butter, this veal is glazed in a tangy sauce made with softened shallots, balsamic vinegar, dijon mustard, tomato paste, and chicken broth. Plate the veal, pour the sauce and serve it up with grilled vegetables and pasta. This is a perfect recipe for a light lunch to make your day instantly better.

9. Grilled Veal Cutlets with Lime Olive Oil, Roasted Tomatoes, Grated Parmesan, and Spinach Ravioli

This delicious recipe comes together within 30 minutes. It is simple but flavorful enough to excite your taste buds. Prepare your meat by grilling each side for one and a half minutes on a medium heated pan, then season and cover. Next, fry your tomatoes in olive oil, toss in the garlic and Italian herbs, and plate it next to veal and ravioli. Serve it with lime juice, lime zest, olive oil, and grated parmesan. Your meal is ready to be devoured.

10. Veal Picatta

Veal that is pounded until thin and tenderized allows you to whip up a delicious picatta quickly. This classic recipe is a must-have on your busy weeknight dinner menu. This veal picatta has bright lemony flavors cooked in a delicious tangy sauce made with white wine, lemon juice, parsley, salt and pepper, and capers. You can serve it with brown rice and a fresh arugula salad, and tomato sauce on the side to give your taste buds a treat to remember.

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