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14 Irresistible Vegan Steak Recipes That Will Leave You Drooling

A vegan diet can seem limiting, but it doesn’t have to be! With these juicy, tender, and meat-like vegan steak recipes, you can enjoy irresistible flavors and a steak-like texture similar to the real deal while being kind to the environment.

To give you more freedom to experiment, here are 14 fantastic recipes from celebrated chefs on the internet. They use different techniques to create these masterpieces, so you can be assured that you’ll always have a steak to enjoy — even when you’re short on time and have only a few ingredients to work with!

1. Best Vegan Steak (Seitan)

Even hardcore meat lovers will find these vegan steaks irresistible. The seitan steaks are made with wheat gluten and lentils and coated in a tamari and balsamic vinegar-based marinade to infuse them with exquisite tastes. Grilled to perfection, this plant-based steak has a meaty chew and slices like butter. Try it; you won’t be disappointed!

2. Easy and Delicious Vegan Steak

This recipe shows you how to recreate those mouthwatering smoky, charred, and delicious BBQ flavors using chickpea-based steaks. The secret lies in the variety of spices and the vegan sauce that goes into it. You can fry or grill them and get the same texture as your regular steaks! Serve them on burger buns for an authentic experience.

3. Tender Vegan Steak

Tender and juicy with just the perfect chew, this vegan steak tastes and looks like actual steak! You can boil this protein-rich meal, which is coated in flavorful seasonings, in a broth to infuse every bite with lots of flavors. It’s incredibly filling, making it an attractive meal option.

4. Vegan Seitan Steak

Make this mouthwatering vegan seitan steak from scratch with vital wheat gluten, spices, tomato paste, nutritional yeast, and lentils. It creates a tender, juicy, and meat-like meal that you can enjoy with compound butter, mushrooms, crispy herbs, salsa, mushrooms, and pan sauce. You can also slice and serve it in salads and bread for a more filling meal.

5. Vegan Steak (Amazing Seitan Steaks!)

These juicy vegan steaks are so delicious that they’ll become a staple on your weekly menu! To make, sauté the onions and mushrooms in light olive oil, then mix it with spices, broth, and vital wheat gluten to make the patties. You can simmer them in a flavorful broth, then sear the patties until they have nice grill marks on each side.

6. Vegan Steak

This recipe uses red onion, cannellini beans, dark soy sauce, marmite, stock cubes, nutritional yeast, and a few kitchen staples to produce “meaty” steaks brimming with flavor. They taste great on their own with the incredible marinade. However, if you’re looking for something more substantial, you can slice and serve it in a steak sandwich or salad.

7. Perfect Vegan Steak

Packed with protein, this plant-based steak recipe delivers the perfect date-night meal. The seitan steaks are flavored with a ton of seasonings, and pan-frying them in vegan butter elevates their flavor and mouthfeel to a whole new level. The best thing? This recipe has information on substitutions to help you make it more palatable.

8. Vegan Steak | No Seitan and Perfect Texture!

This vegan steak is brimming with wonderful flavors, has a fibrous and chewy texture, and is gluten-free — perfect for customizing for different dietary needs. The key to its success lies in the spice mix used to marinate the steak, which contains lots of spices and seasonings. If you make extras, you can store leftovers in the freezer to enjoy on hectic weeknights.

9. Vegan Steak

This recipe will be the highlight of your party in BBQ season! The plant-based steaks are marinated in olive oil, soy sauce, tomato paste, and maple syrup to give them a lovely sweet and savory flavor. Grill them on a cast iron pan until you see them slightly blackened with that iconic smoky flavor. You can pair them with baked potatoes or a salad for a satisfying meal.

10. Tender and Juicy Vegan Steak

Easy to prepare, tender, and flavorful, these vegan steaks will be loved by both old and young. The spice mix of onion powder, black pepper, garlic powder, agave syrup, paprika, liquid smoke, and other spices used to season them create a medley of flavor. We recommend pairing them with a salad or soup. Enjoy!

11. Vegan Steak

In this recipe, the vegan steaks are charred with an irresistible garlic butter sauce, creating succulent, tender, and juicy steaks. The steaks have rich, savory, umami flavors that shine when topped with compound butter. You can also serve it with roasted potatoes to put together a more filling and satisfying meal.

12. Vegan Steak (Tender, Juicy and Flavorful)

This vegan steak will take your taste buds on a ride! The vegan seitan steaks are made with vital wheat gluten and canned chickpeas, along with vegetable stock, spices, and tomato paste. They are then soaked in a marinade before being fried. They pack a hefty protein punch, and the caramelized char on these steaks give them a wonderful flavor!

13. Vegan Steak

You can make this juicy and tender treat in just 30 minutes! The seitan steak includes dark red kidney beans to give them a more authentic “steak” color. Soy sauce and tomato paste give them an umami flavor and some extra color, while the various spices add a great savory taste. Pair it with roasted potatoes and grilled asparagus for an authentic grilled steak meal.

14. Vegan Steak with Herb Butter and Roasted Potatoes

What’s better than tender, juicy, and ultra-flavorful vegan steak? Vegan steak brushed with rich herb butter and served with a side of hearty roasted potatoes and BBQ sauce! This recipe is also super convenient as it does not require kneading. It comes together in a food processor to ensure a hassle-free steak-making experience.

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