Video Poker in Online Casinos

Video Poker in Online Casinos: The Rules and Secrets of the Popular Game

Card game poker — is the most popular gambling entertainment in recent years. Such popularity is due to the wide opportunities to win, interesting process and relatively easy rules. In turn, RedDog online casino with video poker has become an alternative for those gamblers who appreciate speed and solid jackpots.

But in fact, slots with poker appeared a long time ago and developed for more than 100 years! Let’s dive into all the details of this mega-popular game right now!

Features of video poker game

The principle of playing video poker is simple. The player makes a bet and gets five cards in his hand. After that, he decides which cards to leave, and which are better to replace. The cards are replaced and if the combination of poker hands (pair, two pairs, street, flush, full house, etc.) falls out, the player gets the winnings corresponding to the pay table.

Poker winnings depend on the rules, the pay table, the number of hands, and in some games there may be Wild Cards. Common types of video poker include Wild Joker, Double Bonus, Double Joker.

RedDog online casinos with video poker allow you to run poker in a demo version. Players choose bets and do not risk their money, because they play with virtual coins. If a gambler has chosen the paid mode, he must be ready for the risk of losing money. It is necessary to treat the game responsibly, set limits for their bets and limit the time of the game. It is recommended to play on reliable online casino sites that guarantee fair play and protect personal data.

RedDog online casino is one of them. This is a proven site that has been operating since 2019 officially under license, guarantees fair gameplay and fast payouts of winnings. At RedDog online casino, a wide range of entertainment is available, among which there is poker. It can be run with a live dealer, who will accept bets and deal cards.

Basic rules of video poker

The rules of video poker vary depending on the type. But the basic and standard rules include:

  • The player receives five cards from a classic 52-card deck. They are dealt randomly;
  • The gambler decides which cards to keep and which are better to replace. He can keep all five cards or choose some to replace;
  • The player receives a win if his hand matches one of the combinations. The winnings depend on the composition, bet size and the table used in the particular video poker game.
  • The gambler can continue the game by repeating the process of betting, dealing cards and substitutions.

The rules and payouts always depend on the type of game. Some models of poker may have additional elements: wild cards or bonus games. Before playing video poker, it is recommended to pay attention to the payout table. This allows you to understand what kind of winnings you can get and what strategies to use.

How to start video poker

To play poker on the casino site, you need to perform just a few simple actions:

  • Choose a suitable game. There may be several varieties of poker in the casino’s catalog. It can be run paid and free, with a live dealer;
  • Choose a bet. This is the amount that the gambler is ready to bet. To start the gameplay, you need to press the deal button;
  • Deal the cards. The croupier hands out five cards face up;
  • Select cards. After dealing the player can choose which cards to leave and which to replace. It is necessary to click on the cards that need to be left so that they are placed in the Held field. Then the Draw button is pressed to exchange the unwanted cards;
  • Swapping cards. Unwanted cards are swapped for new cards from the deck. The player receives five cards for the hand;
  • Determining the combination. After the cards are swapped, the hand will be evaluated by the presence of poker combinations. A pair, two pairs, three of a kind, a straight, a flush, a full house, a rack, a straight flush may fall out.
  • Payout of winnings. If a hand contains a combination from the payout table, the player receives the corresponding winnings. Payouts differ depending on the rules of a particular type of video poker and the size of the initial bet.
  • Doubling game. In some variants of video poker after a win, it is offered to play a doubling game. This allows you to increase the amount of winnings. It can be a game of Heads and Tails, choosing a card of four, so that it was older than the dealer’s card.

After the gameplay and winnings, the player can choose a new bet and repeat the game.

Why video poker is so popular

Video poker is in particular demand because it has simple and clear rules that can be mastered as quickly as possible. Gambler does not need to compete with other players. As an opponent is the dealer or computer.

The game is characterized by a high percentage of returns. With the use of certain strategies and the right choice of cards, the player can increase his chances of winning and get a large sum. There are several varieties of poker. Each game has its own rules and payout table. Video poker is available on many online casino sites, allowing you to run the game anytime you want.

The casino offers different stakes, allowing you to choose a level that suits your deposit amount. Poker can be run on any modern devices, including smartphones. The modern game is perfectly adapted to small screen sizes.

Advantages and features

  • In terms of simplicity, the game is easily grasped by newcomers who may find it comparable to the mechanics of slot machines. However, video poker distinctively sets itself apart by granting players the power to shape their destiny through strategic decision-making, placing the outcome of the game under their direct influence.
  • A significant number of enthusiasts favor this game due to its lack of engagement with fellow players, thereby excluding any element of competition that is typically found in the conventional version. Instead, users indulge in individual, exclusive sessions with the machine.
  • If one carefully adheres to the ideal strategy, video poker may yield assuredly favorable outcomes in certain instances.
  • Finally, ascertain your winnings accurately by utilizing the details presented in the payout table.

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