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From Friday to Sunday: Your Weekend TV Show Lineup

Looking for the best free movies and shows to binge-watch over the weekend? We’ve thoughtfully compiled a list for your enjoyment without paying a single dime .

In the world of free streaming, BBC iPlayer stands as the top choice, offering a delightful selection of shows and movies for everyone, sure to brighten your day in an instant.

1. I Kissed a Boy

I Kissed a Boy follows ten men on a unique romantic journey in Europe, where they explore an unconventional approach to dating. Their partners are pre-selected, and they begin their journey with a single kiss, challenging traditional dating norms. These initial kisses range from simple pecks to passionate embraces, serving as a test of potential connections.

Amid a whirlwind of emotions and evolving loyalties, the pursuit of love takes an uncertain path. Guided by Dannii Minogue, the show unfolds personal stories of self-discovery, body acceptance, and the exploration of same-sex relationships. With a vibrant soundtrack of LGBTQ+ anthems, this groundbreaking show celebrates queer identities and is a testament to the power of love.

2. First Night of the Proms

Clive Myrie and choirmaster Gareth Malone join forces, setting the stage for a mesmerizing musical journey at the Royal Albert Hall. Under the masterful baton of Sakari Oramo, the BBC Symphony Orchestra delivers an exhilarating performance of Verdi’s monumental Requiem, igniting an eight-week musical extravaganza.

The harmonious voices of the Crouch End Festival Chorus and the BBC Symphony Chorus, accompanied by extraordinary soloists Masabane Cecilia Rangwanasha, Jennifer Johnston, Freddie De Tommaso, and Kihwan Sim, grace the spotlight. This performance is a stunning fusion of melody, drama, and musical brilliance, where soloists and choruses alike push their vocal limits, especially during the renowned Dies Irae segment. It’s a musical spectacle that will etch itself into your memory.

3. SpringWatch 2023

Let’s set out on a heartfelt journey with SpringWatch 2023, an opportunity to explore and rejoice in the astounding wildlife of the UK. It’s like embarking on a grand adventure, where we uncover the hidden stories of birds, mammals, and the tiniest of creatures as they move through their lives and homes.

This extraordinary expedition also guides us in realizing how farming and human actions impact our precious natural world. It’s a heartfelt plea to be guardians of the environment. Spring Watch 2023 isn’t just about gaining knowledge; it’s about forging a profound connection with the beauty of the natural world, and it stands as an emotional tribute to the incredible tapestry that surrounds us. Watch This amazing show with the help of BBC iplayer VPN can unblock premium free shows from anywhere in the world!

4. Queen of Oz 

In Queen of Oz, we follow Princess Georgiana, brought to life by the talented Catherine Tate, as she plays the role of the family rebel in a make-believe British Royal Family. Her wild lifestyle eventually catches up with her, leading the King to step down from the Australian throne in favor of his daughter.

Hoping to teach her some real-life lessons, the King expects Princess Georgiana to mature as she becomes the Queen of Australia. The show takes us on a humorous and sometimes chaotic journey as we watch Princess Georgiana tackle her new responsibilities and adapt to her role as Queen. It’s a delightful rollercoaster of a story that’s both touching and amusing.

5. They All Came Out to Montreux

They All Came Out to Montreux is a heartwarming three-part documentary series that takes you on a journey through the fascinating history of the Montreux Jazz Festival and its creative force, Claude Nobs, affectionately known as Funky Claude.

In this series, you’ll be swept into a world of memories, featuring over 40 personal stories and 30 amazing concert performances spanning 50 glorious years of music. But it’s not just about the wonderful music.

The series delves deep into the incredible story of Claude Nobs, the man who turned a quiet Swiss town into a music paradise. Through the voices of artists, family, and Claude himself, you’ll get a vivid picture of his unwavering passion, his strength in the face of challenges, and the spirit that made Montreux a part of music history.

6. Dreaming Whilst Black

Check out Dreaming Whilst Black on TV! Meet Kwabena (Adjani Salmon), a Jamaican filmmaker facing financial struggles and family pressure to become an accountant. He’s on a wild ride, blurring the lines between dreams and reality as he chases his filmmaking dreams.

He grapples with the complexities of his identity, financial constraints, and familial expectations, offering a vivid portrayal of the challenges and triumphs in his pursuit of a career in filmmaking. Witness this emotionally charged, awe-inspiring journey of an artist, unapologetically chasing his filmmaking dreams, no matter the odds, with unwavering resolve.

7. Project Icon 

Project Icon, a groundbreaking talent show, immerses unsigned singers into the contemporary music industry’s heart. This immersive journey takes them through a multitude of real-world difficulties.

From social media pranks that challenge their online presence to press interviews that scrutinize their communication skills, and electrifying live performances at iconic UK venues where their stage presence and musical prowess are put to the test. The grand finale of each episode is a nail-biting head-to-head battle, where the musicians put their hearts and souls into their performances, and seasoned industry judges offer tailored, expert advice to elevate their careers.

Witness the complete show to see who emerges as the victor and seizes the incredible opportunity to collaborate with the iconic Jason Derulo and perform at BBC Radio 1’s Big Weekend!


What is I Kissed a Boy on BBC iPlayer about?

I Kissed a Boy on BBC iPlayer is a unique dating show where ten men explore unconventional approaches to dating. They start their journey with a single kiss, challenging traditional norms, and the show explores personal stories of self-discovery and same-sex relationships, guided by Dannii Minogue.

What’s the theme of SpringWatch 2023 on BBC iPlayer?

SpringWatch 2023 is a wildlife expedition in the UK, showcasing birds, mammals, and the impact of farming and human actions on the environment. It’s a heartfelt plea to connect with the natural world and be its guardians.

Who is the main character in Queen of Oz on BBC iPlayer?

Queen of Oz features Princess Georgiana, portrayed by Catherine Tate, who becomes the Queen of Australia. It’s a humorous and touching journey as she adapts to her new role after the King steps down from the throne.

What is They All Came Out to Montreux on BBC iPlayer about?

They All Came Out to Montreux is a heartwarming documentary series about the history of the Montreux Jazz Festival and Claude Nobs, its creative force. It showcases personal stories, concert performances, and Claude Nobs’ passion for music.

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