what to eat with crack chicken

What to Eat with Crack Chicken: 13 Simple Carbs & Veggie Sides

If you combine cream cheese, bacon, ranch, and cheddar cheese, you get an incredible recipe that’s so addictingly delicious, it’s called crack dip. Then, when you add shredded chicken to the mix, you have crack chicken! What makes it better than the dip is you can have it as a meal or main affair!

Plus, such reinvention allows you to serve it in many ways. You can make a sandwich, burger, wrap, or have it over rice! If you prefer healthy options, it’s fantastic with veggies, too. Thus, keep reading to discover great yet simple ideas on what to eat with crack chicken.

1. Homemade Bread

Crack chicken as a sandwich filling is a classic move. It’s simple and convenient because all the flavors are packed neatly between tender bread slices. You can have it on the go or the table, relishing every crumb, piece, and sauce. With that, here is a recipe for homemade bread you can use to make crack chicken sandwiches! Warm, fluffy, and tasty – you won’t look for store-bought again.

2. Hamburger Buns

Are you a burger fan rather than a sandwich lover? If so, swap the bread slices for these quick, easy hamburger buns! They’re also soft and delicious and do an excellent job of containing that creamy, savory goodness of crack chicken. Moreover, this recipe makes them quick and easy, so within 40 minutes, fresh, warm, and golden brown buns are ready to stuff with crack chicken!

3. Dinner Rolls

Another alternative to bread and buns is homemade dinner rolls! You can treat them like a bun and stuff them with meat. You can also tear them into pieces to sop up the crack chicken’s rich, flavorful sauce. Like the buns, this particular recipe is a quick one. It takes only 30 minutes to make, and each roll is warm, golden, and soft to the touch.

4. Croissants

Among the carb-based recipes here, croissants require the most time and effort, so they aren’t as simple as the others. However, the breathtaking layers and heavenly flavors make them worth the patience, trial, and error. Once you’ve made your perfect croissant with this recipe, try stuffing it with crack chicken! You wouldn’t have thought it could get better, but it does.

5. Crostini

Baguette or French bread slices have a crusty exterior surrounding tender flesh. You can serve them as they are, topped with various spreads and delicacies, like crack chicken. But if you want every piece to have a firmer, crunchier texture, toast your baguette slices with olive oil and salt to make crostini. It’s one of the easiest ways to elevate your simple and plain bread pieces.

6. Pita Bread

Although pita bread is usually associated with shawarma, you can use it to wrap other delectable treats, like crack chicken. Not only is a crack chicken wrap tasty, but it’s also incredibly convenient, especially for those on the go. You can also use the pita bread as a pizza base instead, with saucy crack chicken spread across the top.

7. Tortillas

Similar to pita bread, tortilla shells are usually paired with foreign, specifically Mexican, delicacies. However, you can fill them with crack chicken to make creamy, meaty tacos! You can choose between hard and crunchy or soft and tender shells, but this recipe is a guide for making the latter. Ready-made tortillas can also be bought for your convenience.

8. Rice

Many love their crack chicken over a bed of steaming rice. This way, the flavors are better dispersed, and the textures are phenomenal. Usually, white rice is used, as this recipe does. However, you can opt for other types, like red or brown, and see if you prefer their taste and quality profiles. Those other types may also offer added nutrition, but the cooking procedure is similar to this recipe.

9. Crackers

The base of crack chicken is a dip made of cheese, bacon, and ranch dressing. Thus, you can use crack chicken as a condiment and serve it with finger foods, like crackers or vegetables. If you opt for crackers, the usual recourse is to grab a pack from the store. However, you can easily make them at home with this recipe, free from preservatives and customized to your liking!

10. Veggie Tray

Crack chicken is an excellent dip for veggie trays, and together, they make nutritious snacks or appetizers. Moreover, these healthy platters are highly versatile; you can add or remove vegetables. Thus, you can include the ones that are in season or leave out the ones you can’t eat. But whichever you end up with, you’d have to consume them all quickly to avoid spoiling!

11. Green Salad

A salad served with protein makes a well-rounded meal. Following that trend, serve your green salad with crack chicken! The veggies are excellent for filling in the nutritional gaps of crack chicken and offer unique textures and flavors. Like the veggie tray, this recipe is easy to customize. You can change cheeses, add veggies, or do anything that makes your creamy chicken and leafy greens more suited to each other.

12. Baked Potatoes

After cooking, baked potatoes are taken out of the oven, and you make a large slit in them. That cut releases a warm aroma and reveals fluffy flesh ready for flavorful toppings like cheeses, meat, or sauce. Wait, don’t those three sound familiar? If you’ve noticed, crack chicken has all of those. Thus, there’s hardly any better or wiser filling for baked potatoes!

13. Steamed Broccoli

Simple veggie recipes, like green beans, lettuce, and potatoes, make classic sides for crack chicken. However, among the many possible choices, steamed broccoli has often been superior for saucy meals. That’s because the pulled-apart florets can be mixed into the food, so the sauce coats the veggies, and you get vibrant pops of color. Broccoli also has succulent, crisp textures, making them fun to eat with tender meat!

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