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11 Top Mixers: What to Mix with Rum for Unforgettable Drinks

Embark on a spirited journey with our guide to what to mix with rum. Discover 11 quintessential mixers that promise to elevate your rum experience from ordinary to extraordinary.

The Top Mixers for Rum

1. Cola: The Classic Go-To


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The rum and cola combination is not just a drink, it’s an iconic symbol of leisure and good times. This mixer is the backbone of the famed ‘Cuba Libre,’ a cocktail that dates back to the early 20th century and celebrates the timeless allure of rum. With a rich, caramel sweetness, cola complements the warmth of rum, making it a universally loved mixer.

To craft the ultimate rum and cola, use a high-quality cola that boasts a balance of sweetness and acidity. Pour over a generous serving of ice, squeeze a lime wedge for a zesty lift, and let the dance of flavors transport you to the heart of Havana.

2. Pineapple Juice: Tropical Escape

Pineapple Juice

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Pineapple juice is the essence of tropical indulgence, offering a sweet and tart profile that marries beautifully with rum’s sugarcane roots. It’s the soul of many tiki bar classics, promising a sip of summertime, anytime.

When mixing pineapple juice with rum, consider the type of rum to enhance the experience—white rums are complemented by the juice’s sharp sweetness, while aged rums gain a succulent depth. For a true island feel, garnish with a pineapple wedge or a maraschino cherry.

3. Orange Juice: Citrus Burst

Orange Juice

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The natural sweetness and vibrant tang of orange juice make it an invigorating partner for rum. It’s a mixer that can easily transition from a day at the beach to a brunch mimosa with a rum twist.

For a Caribbean-inspired cocktail, mix equal parts rum and orange juice, then top it off with a float of grenadine. The result is a visually stunning and deliciously layered drink known as a Rum Sunrise.

4. Coconut: Creamy Indulgence


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Coconut’s rich, sweet flavor creates a smooth backdrop that allows the complexity of rum to shine. Whether you’re using coconut milk for a velvety cocktail or coconut water for a lighter, hydrating option, the result is a deliciously tropical drink.

Mix rum with coconut cream and pineapple juice to whip up a classic Piña Colada. For something simpler, combine coconut water with a squeeze of lime juice to your light rum for a refreshing and straightforward cocktail.

5. Ginger Beer: Spicy and Bold

Ginger Beer

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Ginger beer adds a spicy kick to the rum that’s both invigorating and soothing. Its fiery profile is the perfect counterbalance to the sweet and mellow smoothness of aged rums.

The Dark ‘n’ Stormy, a cocktail consisting of dark rum topped with ginger beer and garnished with a slice of lime, is the perfect showcase of this bold mixer. For a different take, muddle some fresh mint with lime for a Mojito and replace the soda water with ginger beer.

6. Ginger Ale: Subtle Fizz

Ginger Ale

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Ginger ale is a milder, sweeter alternative to ginger beer, offering a subtle gingery bite without overpowering the rum. It’s perfect for those who enjoy a gentle buzz of spice.

Combine ginger ale with golden rum and a dash of bitters for a laid-back yet flavorful cocktail. Garnish with a lime wedge or a sprig of fresh mint for an extra layer of freshness.

7. Iced Tea: A Refreshing Twist

Iced Tea

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The rich, tannic flavors of iced tea can stand up to the robust nature of rum, offering a refreshing and sophisticated mixer alternative that’s perfect for daytime sipping.

Sweeten the iced tea with simple syrup or honey, mix in your preferred rum, and add a splash of lemon for a Rum Tea Lemonade. It’s an excellent choice for picnics or outdoor gatherings.

8. Soda Water and Tonic: Light and Crisp

Soda Water and Tonic

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For those who prefer to let the rum take center stage, soda water and tonic water are ideal mixers. They add a bubbly lightness to the drink without masking the flavors of the rum.

Use soda water as the base for a rum highball, garnishing with a lemon or lime for a citrusy accent. With tonic, add a wedge of lime to a generous pour of rum and enjoy the subtle bitterness that complements the rum’s sweetness.

9. Coffee: Energizing and Bold


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Coffee and rum share a depth and complexity that can be beautifully harmonized. A strong cold brew or iced coffee cuts through the sweetness of rum, creating a cocktail that is as stimulating as it is indulgent.

Mix your rum of choice with cold coffee, a touch of cream, and a sweetener for a delightful twist on the classic White Russian, substituting rum for vodka.

10. Herb-Infused Syrups: Aromatic and Flavorful


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The use of herb-infused syrups like rosemary, basil, or thyme introduces a garden-fresh dimension to the naturally rich profile of rum.

Muddle fresh herbs at the bottom of a glass, add rum and a spoonful of the infused syrup for a cocktail that’s both sweet and savory. This approach is perfect for artisanal cocktails and those with a penchant for culinary experimentation.

11. Bitters: Flavorful Accents


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The concentrated extracts of roots, bark, fruit, and herbs in bitters can deeply enrich the flavor profile of a rum drink with just a few drops.

Try adding Angostura bitters to a rum old fashioned or experiment with other varieties like peach or chocolate bitters to create new and intriguing rum cocktails.

Tips for Perfecting Your Rum Mixes

Rum Mixes

Creating the perfect rum mix is an art that involves balancing flavors, understanding the character of your rum, and adding personal touches that make each drink a signature concoction. Here are some tips to help you perfect your rum mixes:

1. Understand the Types of Rum

Recognizing the diversity in rum—from the light and smooth to the dark and complex—is key. Light rums are best for cocktails that require a subtle touch, while the bold flavors of dark or spiced rums stand up well against stronger mixers. The rum’s characteristics should guide your choice of mixers, ensuring that they complement rather than compete with each other.

2. Use Cold Ingredients and Ice

A good rum cocktail should be cool and crisp, not watered down. To achieve this, use cold ingredients and plenty of ice. Chilled glasses also keep drinks cooler for longer, enhancing the enjoyment. Ice should be fresh and made from clean water so that as it melts, it doesn’t dilute the drink’s flavor profile.

3. Balance Flavor Profiles

The best rum cocktails have a balance of sweet, sour, and sometimes bitter elements. Sweetness can come from the rum or added mixers, while citrus juices often provide a tangy contrast. Some cocktails may benefit from a hint of bitterness, which can add depth and complexity. Experiment with different combinations to find a satisfying balance that caters to your taste preferences.

4. Measure Your Mixes

Exact measurements prevent the overpowering of any particular element, ensuring that the intended flavors shine through harmoniously. A consistently measured drink will taste the same every time, satisfying expectations and refining your mixology skills. This discipline in measurement also makes it easier to tweak recipes incrementally, honing in on the perfect ratio for your palate.

5. Garnish Appropriately

The right garnish can act as a subtle hint to what lies within the glass, offering an olfactory preview that complements the drink’s profile. Moreover, a well-chosen garnish is the finishing touch that shows attention to detail and enhances the overall drinking experience. It’s also an excellent opportunity to add a fresh element, providing contrast in both flavor and texture.

6. Experiment with Gradual Mixing

This approach allows for fine-tuning; adding rum lastly helps to prevent over-mixing, keeping the drink layered and more engaging in flavor. Gradual mixing is especially important with cocktails that have a variety of flavor profiles, as it allows each element to be appreciated both individually and in concert with the others. Plus, it’s easier to adjust the strength of the alcohol to your preference when you mix gradually.

7. Match the Drink to the Occasion

The ambiance of an event can be subtly enhanced by the choice of cocktail, with each drink acting as an accessory to the overall experience. A thoughtfully chosen cocktail menu can impress guests and become a talking point, making the occasion memorable. It’s about crafting a drink that complements the moment as perfectly as the right music or lighting.

8. Explore Infusions and Homemade Mixers

These personalized touches not only make for a unique cocktail experience but also allow you to control the quality and intensity of flavors. Infusions can introduce a bespoke character to your cocktails, and homemade mixers often lack the preservatives and artificial flavors found in store-bought varieties, making your drinks cleaner in taste and more wholesome.

9. Be Mindful of Sweetness

Keeping the sweetness in check ensures that the rum remains the star of the show. When mixers are too sugary, they can drown out the nuanced flavors of the rum, but a careful balance can create a symphony of taste that elevates the entire cocktail. This control of sweetness can also be more accommodating for those with dietary restrictions or preferences.

10. Use Fresh Ingredients

The vibrancy of fresh ingredients cannot be overstated; their flavors are crisp and more pronounced, which can make a significant difference in the complexity of the cocktail. Additionally, the visual appeal of fresh ingredients adds a touch of nature and luxury that prepackaged counterparts can’t match, showing that you value the craft and quality of each drink served.

11. Presentation Matters

Just as a meal is first eaten with the eyes, so too is a cocktail first enjoyed visually. A drink that looks enticing and well-crafted promises a delightful experience and can set the tone for a relaxing and enjoyable occasion. The right presentation can turn a simple drink into an indulgent treat, marking the difference between a mere beverage and a crafted cocktail experience.

By adhering to these tips, not only will you enhance the drinking experience but you’ll also develop a deeper appreciation for the versatility and complexity of rum. Remember, the ultimate goal is to create a cocktail that pleases your palate while honoring the spirit of the rum.


The versatility of rum makes it a joy to experiment with. Whether you’re shaking up a storm with ginger beer or sipping a rum and iced tea, the possibilities are as broad as your palate.

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