what to serve with chicken casserole

What to Serve with Chicken Casserole: 12 Simple Side Dishes

Every chicken casserole recipe is unique – some are creamier, crunchier, or meatier than others. Some have veggies; some don’t. Others top with breadcrumbs, while a couple uses pretzels and crackers. But whichever you have, it’s sure to be as creamy, delicious, and heartwarming, especially when fresh out of the oven.

A side dish is optional when you have a delectable and rich chicken casserole. But it certainly makes it better, whenever you need some ideas for what to serve with chicken casserole, take a look at these recipes! They’re simple and homemade, yet perfect for elevating your chicken casserole meal, so you won’t resist digging into it!

1. Dinner Rolls

Whichever chicken casserole recipe you follow, a side of dinner rolls is undoubtedly perfect with it. The bread’s delicate and subtle flavors complement all sorts of taste profiles. Also, its fluffy textures are great for sopping up sauces and melting on your tongue. Although bread-making does require some time – in this case, 3 hours – they’re perfectly worth the wait. If you have a stand mixer, the effort is also minimal.

2. Extra Cheesy Garlic Bread

Make your chicken casserole meal creamier by serving it with extra cheesy garlic bread. It is a decadent indulgence you must have for yourself, even just once. The melted cheese on top of every bread piece is unbelievable. You only need a fresh bread loaf, homemade garlic butter spread, and two types of cheese: parmesan and mozzarella.

3. Mini Cheese Biscuits

These mini cheese biscuits are like those classic, Southern-style ones but made even better. Because they’re bite-sized, you can easily pick up one and pop it right into your mouth! The flaky textures are there, like traditional biscuits, but these are loaded. There’s bacon, cheese, herbs, and spices, so you’re sure each mini biscuit is packed with cheese and savory flavors, like your chicken casserole.

4. Steamed Broccoli

Broccoli is an excellent vegetable to have with chicken. It’s perfectly crisp-tender, fresh, and has a subtle juiciness. Moreover, each floret offers essential nutrients like fiber, vitamins, potassium, iron, and protein. Thus, many chicken casserole recipes already include this veggie in their mix. However, make this steamed broccoli recipe on the side if yours didn’t. You can also mix in the broccoli as you dig into your meal.

5. Sauteed Green Beans

Green beans aren’t usually incorporated into chicken casserole recipes. While that sounds unfortunate, look on the bright side – their absence makes them an even more suitable veggie side dish! They bring crispy and crunchy textures other vegetables can’t quite achieve. Moreover, if you prepare them using this particular recipe, they offer zesty flavors that help cut through the richness.

6. Candied Carrots

Carrots are naturally sweet, and this recipe builds on that natural sweetness by adding brown sugar, honey, butter, salt, cayenne, and cinnamon. It also takes on the veggies’ crisp and crunchy textures and makes them tender, as in melt-in-your-mouth tender. These textures and flavors are incredible with many dishes, including chicken casserole. Thus, candied carrots are often served at holidays and other big dinners.

7. Shaved Brussels Sprouts

Brussels sprouts are spectacular with a chicken casserole because, like green beans and broccoli, they provide crisp textures and fresh flavors. But you don’t have to ditch the entire thing if you’re not a fan of the chunky mini-cabbage appearance. Instead, you can shave or shred the Brussels sprouts so they’re crisper and easier to eat. Also, this recipe makes them taste savory and cheesy, perfect for the chicken casserole!

8. Roasted Potatoes and Carrots

Potatoes are one of the safest vegetables you can serve because they go with practically everything. Their flesh is also naturally delicious and tender and quickly takes on whatever flavorings it is cooked with. Thus, if you need a side dish that would suit your chicken casserole, go for potatoes like these roasted potatoes and carrots! It’s the perfect blend of sweet and savory, crisp and tender!

9. Broccoli Salad

As discussed above, broccoli should be among your top vegetables to serve with chicken casserole. While simply steaming it is quick and easy, the flavors can be bland for others. Thus, opt for this broccoli salad itself! It combines crisp florets with onions, cranberries, tamari almonds, and a homemade, tangy dressing. Therefore, the salad isn’t just healthy – it’s full of crunchy textures and refreshing tastes.

10. Marinated Vegetable Salad

This marinated vegetable salad is as crisp, refreshing, and delicious as broccoli salad. But because there is more than broccoli in this recipe, your tongue encounters more flavors and textures, leading to a more exciting food experience. For instance, there are mushrooms, tomatoes, zucchini, bell pepper, cauliflower, and carrots! All these are tossed in a red wine vinaigrette for a hint of elegant acidity.

11. Garden Salad

A good ole garden salad is a great side dish to a chicken casserole if you want to keep things light, fresh, and healthy. The ingredient list is basic, as it only calls for lettuce, croutons, vegetables, and lemon olive oil dressing. However, it’s also customizable, so you can add any veggies you want. You can swap the sauce for maple vinaigrette, balsamic, or ranch!

12. Pesto Potato Salad

Admittedly, this pesto potato salad looks less pretty than the previous ones. But don’t judge a salad by its cover because the flavors are unbelievably delicious. The pesto sauce is homemade, using arugula, basil, almonds, and parmesan, giving it a fresh, creamy, and rustic feel. This vibrant sauce sets this recipe from all other salads and is excellent for exploring new flavors.

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