what to serve with chicken cutlets

What to Serve with Chicken Cutlets: 12 Tasty Pasta & Salad Sides

There are many ways to prepare and cook chicken cutlets. You can season it with Italian herbs and spices or coat it with breadcrumbs. Some like to add cheese to the coating, while others keep it simple. You can incorporate it into other recipes, like chicken piccata or francese.

In the same vein, you can eat many side dishes with chicken cutlets. These include rice, vegetables, and sauces like marinara and pesto. Some make sandwiches with them, too! But if you’re looking for some simple ideas about what to serve with chicken cutlets, serve your chicken with pasta and salads, like the tasty recipes in this article!

1. Mac and Cheese

Are you having chicken cutlets for family dinner? If so, serving them with creamy, cheesy, and homemade mac and cheese is an excellent idea. It’s a treat both kids and adults crave; thus, you won’t be troubled by kids wanting something else. Moreover, the dish has three kinds of cheese – gruyere, pecorino, and cheddar – that ooze with every bite. Plus, there’s a breadcrumb topping!

2. Chicken Alfredo Fettuccine

This chicken alfredo fettuccine recipe includes directions for searing a seasoned chicken breast, which supposedly goes on top of the pasta and cream. Instead of doing that, make chicken cutlets and use them as the topping and protein! You get crunchy, tender textures that complement the richness of the alfredo. As for the pasta, stick to the recipe directions and ingredients, which include butter, spices, seasonings, whipping cream, and parmesan.

3. Quick & Creamy Spinach Pasta

This quick and creamy spinach pasta is reminiscent of creamed spinach. The sauce has butter, onion, garlic, cream cheese, chicken broth, spinach, parmesan, salt, and pepper. Thus, it’s rich and thick, even without roux or similar agents. Moreover, you can choose between fresh or frozen spinach. Along the same lines, you can choose from different pasta types, like penne, bow ties, and even cheese-filled ravioli!

4. Olive Oil Pasta

At first glance, this olive oil pasta doesn’t seem to have a sauce. Each strand is coated with olive oil, which appears almost transparent against the spaghetti pieces. Besides the oil, there’s lemon juice, parsley, garlic, and red pepper flakes. Thus, don’t underestimate this dish – it has an incredible complex of flavors. Pairing it with chicken cutlets only seals the deal.

5. Creamy Lemon Pasta (Pasta al Limone)

Are you having Italian-style chicken cutlets? Be sure to serve it with this Italian-style creamy lemon pasta, known as pasta al limone in Italian. It’s rich and zesty, especially when topped with fresh lemon slices. It’s also generously sprinkled with grated Parmigiano-Reggiano or parmesan cheese, which adds flavor. It also makes the dish even creamier, which was already delectable from the heavy cream and butter-based sauce.

6. Cream Cheese Pasta

Don’t pass on this pasta recipe if you love everything with cream cheese. It’s irresistibly indulgent, achieved by combining olive oil, butter, cream cheese, and grated parmesan. At the same time, though, it isn’t too overwhelming because the richness is contrasted by savory garlic, salt, and pepper. The flavorful chicken cutlet you pair it with also complements the pasta’s taste profile.

7. German Spaetzle in Butter Sauce

Some still debate whether spaetzle is a dumpling, noodle, or pasta. Whichever it is, there is no doubt that it looks intricate, tastes delicious, and would be great with chicken cutlets. It’s often served with saucy dishes, so most spaetzle recipes don’t include directions for a sauce. But as cutlets are usually fried, this spaetzle in butter sauce might be better suited so your meal won’t taste too plain.

8. Chicken Katsu Ramen

Chicken katsu is a cutlet dish popular in Japan, often distinguished by its panko breadcrumb coating. It’s usually served with rice and a brown sauce, but some like it on top of ramen, as done in this chicken katsu ramen recipe. Although ramen isn’t technically pasta, it’s still on this list because noodles share many superficial similarities with pasta. Moreover, hearty and savory, making it so worth suggesting.

9. Apple, Arugula, & Brussels Sprouts Salad

This apple, arugula, and brussels sprouts salad combined with chicken cutlet is an exciting texture overload. Firstly, the chicken cutlet is a tandem of crunchy and tender textures. Secondly, every element in the salad has its textures: crisp apples and brussels sprouts, leafy arugula and parsley, and crunchy nuts. Lastly, the flavor blend is complex, as all elements are tossed with lemon shallot vinaigrette and grated parmesan cheese.

10. Mediterranean Cucumber Salad

Like the creamy lemon pasta, this Mediterranean cucumber salad is often served with Italian-style chicken cutlets. It’s cool and refreshing, made from juicy summer bounties like tomatoes, cucumbers, parsley, and onions. Those ingredients are flavored with an Italian dressing, which you’ll make with olive oil, white wine vinegar, sugar, salt, and ground pepper. Overall, it’s a simple dish but tastes and feels elegant.

11. Caesar Salad

A typical salad side to chicken dishes, like cutlets or grilled chicken, is Caesar salad. It’s packed with crisp and crunchy textures, which are usually contributed by fresh Romaine lettuce and croutons. But this recipe doesn’t use croutons – instead, it has toasted bread crumbs, leading to a unique experience! Moreover, the dressing is an intriguing homemade blend of egg yolks, anchovies, garlic, lemon juice, salt, oil, Worcestershire sauce, and black pepper.

12. Overnight Layered Green Salad

Another summer-perfect salad is this overnight layered green salad. As the name implies, there are multiple layers of flavors and textures, and they go like this: carrots, celery, green peppers, cucumbers, radishes, peas, dressing, cheddar, cheese, and onions. It’s well-recommended for large gatherings, as the recipe guides you on how to make a hefty batch everyone can enjoy. You can prepare it the night before, too, hence overnight salad!

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