what to serve with chicken marbella

What to Serve with Chicken Marbella: 12 Simple Side Dishes

Chicken marbella captured the attention of many food lovers for successfully combining Mediterranean elements that initially didn’t seem to make sense together. After all, who would’ve thought that olives, capers, vinegar, chicken, prunes, herbs, and sugar would make a perfect blend of flavors? Somehow, they did!

Thus, to allow that delicate complexity to shine in every meal, you must carefully pick your sides, so what to serve with chicken marbella? This article is an excellent help with that as it compiles 12 simple yet delicious recipes you can make at home for your chicken marbella meal.

1. Basmati Rice

When discussing chicken marbella side dishes, it’s an excellent idea to start with the simplest: cooked rice! You can choose from several varieties, but basmati is recommended for chicken marbella. This variant is known for its slender, long grains, incredible aroma, nutty taste, and fluffy textures. You can cook it in a pot on a stovetop, using an instant pot, or following the slow cooker method.

2. Couscous

Couscous appears as a bunch of tiny pasta pearls. It has impressively fluffy textures and incredible flavors, which makes it an excellent tandem to juicy chicken marbella. Moreover, it cooks effortlessly and quickly, making it the perfect choice for those needing a fast side dish. This recipe makes it taste slightly zesty and savory by combining it with lemon juice, broth, salt, olive oil, and parsley.

3. Egg Noodles

For those who want to make noodles from scratch, grab the opportunity to serve your chicken marbella on top of egg noodles. You’ll only need four ingredients: eggs, salt, milk, and all-purpose flour. Moreover, it doesn’t take as long as you’d imagine; within 30 minutes, you have freshly cooked egg noodles! Serve it plain with butter and cheese, or let it absorb the chicken marbella juices.

4. Lavash Bread

Flatbreads like lavash are a great way to mop up the extra juices from chicken marbella. This easy-to-make Middle Eastern treat is softer and thinner than most flatbreads. To eat with chicken marbella, you can stuff it with chicken, then roll or fold it to make a wrap or a sandwich. Either way, it’s a more fun method to eat your entree!

5. No-Knead Crusty Bread

You can also grab a loaf of crusty bread to serve with your chicken marbella. Like lavash, it’s excellent at absorbing flavors and contributing subtle tastes. While you can’t make a roll with it, the crispy exterior and fluffy interior provide an exciting experience. Also, if you make it at home, which you can do with this recipe, you can control how it tastes and looks after baking.

6. Mashed Potatoes

The most classic of all starchy side dishes — mashed potatoes. You can ditch the usual gravy and let the chicken’s flavorful juices drench and cover the potatoes. If you need a no-fail side dish that everyone would enjoy, stick to the classics and follow this recipe.

7. Grilled Mushrooms

Even with all the elements of a chicken marbella recipe, it still has room for flavorful yet simple veggie side dishes, such as these grilled mushrooms. Each piece is packed with umami, tanginess, and other savory flavors, but you won’t have to worry about overwhelming the chicken. Instead, these tastes melt smoothly into the entree, like a missing puzzle piece that completes the meal.

8. Roasted Artichokes

If you want a one-of-a-kind side dish for your chicken marbella, make these roasted artichokes! Their looks are unlike any other, and how you eat them is also unique. You unfold and eat each petal or layer until you reach the heart or center. The flavors of the artichoke are subtle, even after roasting; thus, they’re suitable for dipping into your chicken’s flavorful juices.

9. Sauteed Asparagus and Peas

Even with the green olives, your chicken marbella could have more color. Thus, build on that existing greenery by serving your meal with sauteed asparagus and peas. Asparagus spears are a classic veggie side dish that is well-loved for their crisp-tender textures; however, it’s usually cooked and served alone. In this recipe, the spears are paired with tender peas, and both are flavored with honey, butter, shallots, and pepper for more complexity.

10. Panzanella Salad

A light side salad is an excellent way to brighten your chicken marbella meal, add interesting textures, and provide fresh flavors. Those with vinaigrette or tangy dressings, like this panzanella salad, are especially suitable because their tart tastes cut through your entree’s sweet and salty flavor profile. Moreover, diced chicken is a recommended add-on to this Italian treat, making this salad an even better choice!

11. Caesar Salad

Chicken marbella is packed with tender and juicy textures; thus, it would benefit from some fresh crispness. This salad is made with Romaine lettuce and croutons, so expect crisp textures with every bite. The dressing is unique, made from yolks, lemon, anchovies, Worcestershire, garlic, cheese, and olive oil. That may sound like an intense blend of flavors, but don’t worry – they won’t be too much for your chicken.

12. Mediterranean White Bean Salad

Chicken marbella’s flavor profile is mainly Mediterranean; thus, having it with a Mediterranean white bean salad is a brilliant idea. In fact, there are even olives in this recipe, like with chicken marbella! Besides the olives and beans, you can expect chunky textures, healthy nutrients, and fresh flavors from the cucumbers, tomatoes, feta, and homemade dressing.

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