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23 Delectable Wrap Recipes You Should Be Quick to Try Out

Whoever came up with the idea of taking a bunch of different ingredients and rolling them up in a tortilla probably had no clue how revolutionary their discovery would turn out to be. Care for some chicken, mushrooms, and lettuce wrapped in flatbread and topped with a yummy sauce? How about creamy lentils and sauteed vegetables served with garlic sauce in a soft tortilla?

Chicken wraps, fish wraps, breakfast burritos — there are countless ways to make a healthy, tasty wrap. Is your mouth watering yet? Help yourself to 23 of the most delectable and healthy wrap recipes to tease your palate.

#1. Cheesecake Fruit Wraps

A classic creamy cheesecake is hard to beat. And you won’t be able to find a more delicious treat with a higher nutritional value than this cheesecake fruit wrap. Thinly sliced strawberries, kiwis, and cantaloupes between the layers of cream cheese will wake up your senses. Wrapped in whole-wheat tortillas, these fruity wraps will keep your stomach full and tastebuds happy!

#2. Veggie Wraps with Hummus

These bright colorful veggie wraps are a treat for your eyes and stomach. These vivid low-carb and gluten-free tortillas are packed with the most fantastic mix of flavors you could imagine. Between the layers of lettuce, spinach, and creamy hummus, a medley of chickpeas and some diced cucumbers, carrots, and avocados await!

#3. Cheesy Sweetcorn Quesadillas

If you’re up for a light yet delicious dinner, look no further than these yummy sweetcorn quesadillas. The star ingredient in this Mexican dish is none other than cheese. Stuffed with cheddar, sweetcorn, some flavorful mushrooms, chopped jalapeños, and sliced spring onions and wrapped in a crispy flour tortilla, these quesadillas are an explosion of flavors.

#4. Traditional Mexican Mulitas

Double-deck quesadillas, or “little donkeys” as they are called in Mexico, this recipe involves stuffing a delicious filling between two tortillas rather than one. This recipe for traditional mulitas is made with savory beef steak sliced thin, homemade corn tortillas with shredded mozzarella cheese and crumbled queso fresco. Garnish with cilantro and sour cream before serving!

#5. Mexican Tortilla Roll-Ups

This bite-sized version of a classic burrito is the perfect appetizer. To make them, you’ll need to prepare one large wrap and slice it into smaller, half-an-inch-thick bites. Inside this flour tortilla, diced green chilis and chopped black olives fight for your attention. Shredded cheddar mixed with sour and cream cheese makes every bite an experience of its own.

#6. Keto Dessert Tortilla Wraps

Make this viral TikTok trend by cutting one low-carb tortilla into quadrants and arranging only one ingredient along each section. A versatile mix of sugar-free white chocolate, monk fruit blend sweetener, and sliced strawberries along with cream cheese and a choco hazelnut spread with just a dash of cinnamon — watch these wraps disappear in minutes!

#7. Ice Cream Chimichangas

If you enjoy experimenting with unexpected food combinations, these ice cream chimichangas are the way to go! A warm, deep-fried flour tortilla filled with vanilla ice cream — a genius idea. This chimichanga recipe also includes a quarter of a cup of cinnamon. And if vanilla is not to your liking, you could substitute it for your favorite ice cream flavor.

#8. Spicy Tuna Avocado Wraps

Relive your best tropical experiences with these light, spicy wraps. Each of these wraps contains a flavorful mash of tuna and avocados that is a must-try. You’ll also get to enjoy a whole bunch of veggies, including chopped carrots and green lettuce. Finally, the Sriracha hot sauce seals the deal with a kick of spice.

#9. Tofu Brown Rice Nori Wraps

Swap out the tortilla wrap for nori and add a mixture of brown rice and a bunch of crispy veggies and herbs for a crisp, fresh, flavorsome wrap. Nothing complements this wrap better than nori komi furikake — a Japanese rice seasoning that you’ll particularly enjoy. And the spicy flavor of wasabi paste combined with pickled cucumber makes these wraps particularly tasty.

#10. Chickpea Caesar Salad Wraps

This recipe combines the very best of Mexican cuisine featuring a Caesar salad and some crunchy tortillas. The wrap includes a mix of unsweetened soy yogurt and vegan mayo that gives the dish its creamy texture. You’ll also enjoy the taste of finely chopped capers as well as some nutritional yeast flakes.

#11. Cheese and Onion Toasted Wraps with Chili Jam

There’s no cheesy wrap more satisfying than this little treat. It uses the creamiest red Leicester cheese whose flavor only enhances as it melts. This is a seemingly simple wrap that needs nothing more than some red onions and two tablespoons of chili jam to tickle your taste buds.

#12. Breakfast and Brunch Egg Wraps

Scrambled eggs are ideal for an easy and light morning meal. But this recipe will sweep you right off your feet with a mix of eggs and diced bacon wrapped in a warm flour tortilla. Add mozzarella, cheddar, or quesadilla cheese, and don’t forget to include diced jalapeños and some bell peppers for a spicy kick.

#13. Spinach and Feta Cheese Wraps

Easy to make and requiring no special ingredients, these wraps are rich in nutrients and wonderfully flavorsome. Just mix some shredded parmesan, crumbled feta, and baby spinach leaves with any veggies you already have in your freezer. Use gluten-free, low-carb wraps for the filling and bake until light brown.

#14. Smoked Salmon Avocado Wrap

Smoked salmon slices combined with salad leaves and finely-chopped spring onions paired with a zesty avocado dip create a perfect medley of flavors. Just remember to pin your tortilla wrap with a toothpick so that you don’t lose any of the delectable fillings when you dig in!

#15. Chicken Vindaloo Wraps

Featuring some of the best Indian ingredients, this wrap is made with an Indian classic — vindaloo. Combining ground chicken, diced water chestnuts, peppers, and some chopped cilantro, this wrap is made in only 15 minutes. Add some lemon rice and shredded romaine for layered textures and flavors.

#16. Zesty Italian Wraps

To create this breathtaking meal, you will need thinly-sliced salami and ham, some pepperoni, one lettuce leaf, and banana peppers. Add in a slice of provolone cheese and enrich the aromas and flavors of this wrap with one tablespoon of a zesty Italian dressing.

#17. Chicken Taquitos

Serve these creamy, delectable chicken taquitos at your next event. Made with rotisserie chicken and baby spinach, these wraps provide an excellent source of nutrients. A mix of cheddar, cream cheese, and sour cream creates the perfect creamy, cheesy filling. Add in some spices and fry. Serve with salsa, guacamole, or hot sauce for the best appetizer ever!

#18. California Turkey Club Wrap

Here’s a palatable wrap that’s incredibly healthy and just as tasty! What you’ll need is a spinach tortilla to keep your turkey and lettuce together. Add in a few slices of avocado, bacon, and some tomatoes, and don’t forget about mayo and mustard. Feel free to add your favorite veggies or cheese for extra flavor!

#19. Peanut Butter Chicken Wraps

These creamy, crunchy peanut butter chicken wraps will have your taste buds tingling! The filling is a simple mix of sliced chicken, tomatoes, shredded lettuce, and red pepper. Combined with soy sauce, peanut butter, cayenne, and lime juice, this whole-wheat tortilla is perfect in every bite!

#20. Shrimp and Zucchini Wraps

Made with shrimp, zucchini, and garlic, this recipe is a game-changer. Sauteed garlic shrimp and grilled zucchini come together in whole wheat wraps with a creamy garlic scape dip. One bite of this incredible wrap and you’ll be a fan forever!

#21. Italian Chicken Wraps

These Italian wraps are the perfect snacks or appetizers when you don’t feel like doing heavy cooking. Sliced down to bite-sized, colorful chunks, you won’t be able to get enough of these. Serve them with your favorite sauces and watch everyone ask for seconds and thirds!

#22. Vegan Mushroom Wraps

Indulge in an unforgettable experience with these vegan wraps filled with delicious mushrooms. These fantastic veggie tortillas will keep you full and energized throughout a busy day. From caramelized onions to freshly chopped spinach leaves, every ingredient adds to the delightful taste of this vegan meal.

#23. Sweet Chili Chicken Wraps

What’s better than the sweet flavor of chili sauce mingled with bite-sized pieces of a chicken breast? Wrap it all up in a soft flour tortilla, and you get a perfect meal. The delectable combination of flavors is sure to win you a few compliments. Serve with French fries for a full meal!

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