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5 Writing Styles to Help You Ace Your Essay

Writing styles are like fashion styles; others are able to understand who you are based on how you’re dressed. Your writing style projects similar signals to readers and helps them understand what you are trying to communicate. Just as it is inappropriate to wear white if you’re not the bride at a wedding, similarly, it’s inappropriate to use particular writing styles for specific types of text.

Writing can be an effective medium to get a message across. Whether your job title requires professional writing or not, you’re going to need to write at some point. To develop your essay writing styles, it can be helpful to analyze which writing technique is most suitable for the work you have to do. This article details the main styles of essay writing and gives you some useful insight into the best one to use.

5 Major Writing Styles in College

College-level writing encompasses disparate styles, each tailored to specific purposes and contexts. The following five writing styles help students convey their ideas effectively.

Expository writing

This style of writing is a balanced analysis of a given paper writing. The writer is explaining the subject matter from the start to the end. This is a widely employed style when one is trying to explain or inform something. The thesis statement is used as an outline of the topic.

Usually the author choses a topic, puts forth evidence and then goes on to explain a particular point about this topic from the start to the end. Often, evidence is provided in the paragraph along with an introduction and a conclusion as well. Expository writing derives support from facts and logical reasoning.

Descriptive writing

Descriptive writing is employed to describe a subject matter in order to enable the reader to form a clear idea of what is happening. Such essays succeed if they are written to address specificities and discuss the topic in detail. The author has the liberty to be wordy while employing descriptive style in his essay.

One needs to write clearly and in detail to describe the subject in this type of writing. Descriptive writing has a room for creative writing, this is in accordance with the essay writing services experts. This is because the author discusses his or her own experiences in colorful ways rather than prop up the subject with the help of fact.

Persuasive writing

A persuasive style of writing is used when the author wants to take a position. It conveys a specific opinion on a particular topic instead of just objectively explaining a topic for the readers. The success or the failure of this style depends on the word choice. Using irrelevant, weak words or malapropisms can render a persuasive essay ineffective. This style usually helps to divide people into two groups depending on their understanding.

Despite the fact that this writing has to be biased, all points must be logical and proven. This kind of essay needs proper research since the writer needs to support their arguments with reputed sources. That is according to experts.

Narrative writing

Experts believe that narrative writing is used to tell stories and not very popularly used for academic writing styles. Narrative writing includes poetry, fiction, non-fiction, creative writing and all forms of narrative writing.

The academic world largely uses narrative writing for creative non-fiction. It is known that every type of writing has arisen to display a certain point, therefore through narrative writing is creative writing. It too has the status of an argument and must be treated so.

Analytical writing

Analytical writing examines and interprets a subject and often involves critical analysis, comparison, and evaluation. In college, analytical writing is prevalent in literary criticism, scientific reports, and academic essays. Students dissect a topic, explore its components, and draw conclusions based on their analysis. This style demands strong research skills, the ability to synthesize information, and the capacity to formulate informed judgments.

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Different Types of Writing Styles for College Students

Understanding the different essay writing styles is essential for students to excel in their coursework. Here are some writing styles you can commonly encounter in college.

Creative writing

Creative writing is an imaginary style that explores the realms of fiction, poetry, and personal expression.  It embraces literary devices such as metaphors, symbolism, and similes. This style enables writers to unleash their creativity and to be able to craft unique narratives.

It prioritizes storytelling, character development, and engages your readers by transporting them to the world of imagination due to the emotional impact and the prompting of introspection. This style allows writers to experience and experiment with different genres, perspectives making it a powerful tool for entertainment and self-expression.

Business writing

Business writing is a professional style that is practical in various corporate and organization contexts. It focuses on conveying messages, instructions or ideas in a concise and professional manner. It focuses on achieving specific business objectives like informing employees, persuading clients or presenting data to stakeholders. It comprises a wide range of written communication including memos, reports, emails and presentations.

Effective business writing enhances communication within an organization facilitating decision making process while strengthening professional relationships within the business and outside the business.

Academic writing

Academic writing is a formal and scholarly style, mostly used by college and university students.. It is more prevalent for students in education and research contexts. Academic writing emphasizes critical thinking analysis and exploration of complex ideas. It aims to contribute to existing knowledge, engage in scholarly debates and communicate research findings. This style follows a specific set of conventions including the use of clear and precise language.

Additionally it adheres to citation and reference style and the presentation of well-supported arguments. Mostly, academic writing is found in research papers, essays, and scholarly articles playing a fundamental role in the dissemination of knowledge.

Review writing

The aim of review writing is to evaluate and provide an assessment of a particular product, service or creative work. It’s a form of critical analysis that involves offering an informed opinion based on personal experience. Review writing requires the author to consider aspects such as quality, usability, performance and value of money. It can be found in various domains such as literature, technology, film and many more.

Often, it incorporates description, examples and comparisons. Review writing helps consumers to make informed decisions and promotes dialogs with customers by providing insights and recommendations. It is also known as referencing style.

4 Easy Essay Writing Styles to Master

Essay writing is a fundamental skill for students. Mastering various writing styles can greatly enhance their ability to communicate effectively. So, here’re the common easy essay writing styles.

  • Technical writing: Technical Writing is a special form of writing that focuses on writing complex information in a clear and concise manner. It’s commonly used in technical fields such as engineering, medicine, finance, computer science among others.
  • Analytical writing: Analytical writing is a systematic and critical style that examines and interprets complex information or ideas. Often, it involves comparing and contrasting different theories, data or perspectives, to provide a comprehensive understanding of the topic.
  • Journalistic writing: Journalistic writing is an informative style that seeks to report news, events, or provide analysis in a concise and engaging manner. It prioritizes accurate information since it adheres to the principles of journalistic ethics.
  • Scriptwriting: Scriptwriting is a writing style that is dedicated to creating scripts for various forms of media, such as film, radio, television, and theater. It demands creativity and brevity, as writers must convey character motivations, plot developments, and visual details within specific page limitations.

Unlock Your Writing Potential

If you stick with one style of writing, you’ll be limiting your creativity. Therefore, to improve your style, it’s advised to master different academic writing styles. You can easily categorize your thoughts according to your need once you know the different styles of writing. What’s important is to identify what your audience wants and identify what will create the biggest impact on them.

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