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30 XXXTentacion Quotes: Dive into the Mind of a Music Icon

“XXXTentacion Quotes” not only resonate with raw emotion but also provide an intimate window into the life and thoughts of Jahseh Dwayne Ricardo Onfroy. The young artist’s profound insights on life, love, and legacy continue to captivate fans and critics alike, making him an undeniable force in modern music culture.

Who Is XXXTentacion?


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Early Life and Struggles

Jahseh Dwayne Ricardo Onfroy, popularly known as XXXTentacion, was born on January 23, 1998, in Plantation, Florida. From a challenging childhood marked by economic struggles and juvenile detentions, he emerged as a beacon of hope and inspiration for countless young fans. His life was a testament to perseverance in the face of adversity.

Rise to Fame

XXXTentacion’s rise was nothing short of meteoric. Beginning with his song “Look at Me!”, he garnered widespread attention and quickly became a controversial yet undeniable figure in the music world. His albums, especially “?” and “17,” resonated deeply with listeners, diving into profound emotional experiences and struggles.

Controversies and Challenges in his Career

Throughout his career, XXXTentacion faced numerous controversies. From legal troubles to public feuds with other artists, his journey was often punctuated with challenges. However, these very challenges and his candidness about them contributed significantly to his appeal. His music became a medium through which he processed and shared these experiences.

Insight into XXXTentacion’s Philosophy


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Recurring Themes in His Music

Themes of mental health, heartbreak, violence, and redemption frequently emerged in his tracks. His unfiltered approach, combined with haunting melodies, created a unique soundscape that drew listeners into his world.

Exploration of Topics

Beyond catchy hooks and rhythms, XXXTentacion delved deep into the psyche of the modern youth. His lyrics frequently touched upon topics like depression, societal expectations, love, and pain, making them deeply relatable to a generation often struggling with these very issues.

Raw and Authentic Expression

One cannot speak about XXXTentacion without acknowledging his rawness. His songs, often layered with vulnerability and pain, provided solace to many who felt similarly.

Top 30 XXXTentacion Quotes


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On Life

1. “If you’re not evolving, you’re just another person passing by.”
2. “To find the exact answer, one must first ask the exact question.”
3. “Life is based on perceptions, perceptions are based on opinion, opinion is based on thoughts, thoughts come from the mind. Change the mind, change the life.”
4. “What is real will prosper.”
5. “Follow your dreams and know that even though you have lost, you have guardian angels watching over you.”

On Struggle

6. “The saddest thing about betrayal is that it never comes from enemies, it comes from those you trust the most.”
7. “Pain is temporary.”
8. “People always leave. Don’t get too attached.”
9. “Isolation is a gift, everything else is a test of your endurance.”
10. “You decide if you’re ever gonna let me know.”

On Redemption and Change

11. “I could never say I understand how you are all feeling, nor can I find the right words to say to you, but I do want you all to know, you are not alone.”
12. “Time is the ultimate form of currency.”
13. “I advise you to not hide your feelings, don’t pretend to be okay when you’re not okay, don’t pretend to be happy when you’re sad, it’ll only lead to your misery.”
14. “If you want to build something big, you have to start with a small brick.”
15. “I’m more in tune with my emotions now.”

On Love and Relationships

16. “What is money really worth if it ain’t love?”
17. “Love is not just a verb, it’s you looking in the mirror.”
18. “Your worst enemy is yourself and you seem unbothered.”
19. “The remedy for a broken heart is love.”
20. “You showed me I have reasons, I should love myself.”

On Facing Adversity

21. “In the end, I won’t cry, I won’t falter, I’ll just look at the sky and accept it.”
22. “Hate will never win.”
23. “I’m not scared of the down moments, because I know the up moments are on the horizon.”
24. “They do not understand you. Do you not fear. You are now in the world of the misunderstood.”
25. “Show the world your true colors. Express yourself. Be outspoken.”

On Legacy

26. “Memories surface through the shadows of my mind.”
27. “You can’t do good if you’re wishing bad on others.”
28. “I want to make myself proud.”
29. “Do not let your depression make you. Do not let your body define your soul, let your soul define your body.”
30. “My heart can’t take this damage.”


XXXTentacion’s profound quotes offer a stirring reflection of his intricate persona. Embodying raw emotion, struggles, love, and an indomitable spirit, these words immortalize his legacy, ensuring that his influence resonates through generations, echoing both his vulnerabilities and strengths.

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